Review: Fractured Fantasies: Volume 6 by Torie James

Fractured Fantasies: Volume 6 by Torie James
Release Date: September 7, 2016
Publisher: Thirteen Below Press, LLC
Pages: 54
Source: Book provided by author for review



Deep down in the realm of unspoken lust and selfish desire, lurks another dimension of demented darkness and insatiable cravings. A landscape painted with poisoned passion and shades of wanton, wild and wicked temptation. Surrender to the sublime, kneel to the promise of unbridled ecstasy. Stay the course or find yourself a permanent resident of sexual destruction.

Book One – It’s All About the Hunt
A drunken night of kinky sex and thrilling threesomes seems to be the answer to one young man’s boredom with life. But when the sun shines bright and daylight intrudes, will he find himself fulfilled or a footnote in a peculiar tale?

Book Two – Feeding the Need
A true master looking for a willing submissive thinks he’s found just what he needs to feed the one thing keeping him alive. Can he convince his sweet, new slave to surrender her will and life for his pleasure?

Book Three – Game of Thorns
Betrayed and exiled to insignificance, a weary warrior returns home to claim what is rightly hers. Desperate to take the crown, she will use any means necessary and all her feminine wiles to trap the ones who took her freedom and banished her to crushing loneliness. But an old pact and eternal promise gives her pause to consider that while the flesh is willing, the mind is weak in the face of the greatest desire she’s ever known.


Review:  If there is one thing I learned from reading Fractured Fantasies: Volume 6, it’s that author Torie James does a fantastic job with plot twists.

This volume consists of three different novellas, united by the author’s fresh approach to the subject matter.

It’s All About the Hunt presented itself with a main character, Ray, who has all of the stereotypical characteristics of a cheating husband. In his bid for excitement, he finds himself in for the challenge of a lifetime. This story was quite explicit in detailing the physical encounter, but it was quite appropriate in setting the stage for the surprise ending.

The second selection, Feeding the Need, had a paranormal twist to it with a brood of harpies. Once again, the author delivered an explicit story detailing a sexual encounter, but added quite an unexpected twist that I definitely didn’t expect.

The third story, Game of Thorns, drawn upon fairytale characters such as Rumplestiltskin, Rose Red and Snow White. Yet this rendition of the fairytale pits two sisters against each other along with a magic mirror, with the end result being far from a child’s fairytale. A pact with the man in the mirror leads to some phenomenally hot reading, yet the outcome is nothing like I expected.

The three selections provide just the right amount of development to keep my attention. While these stories might not be something I would typically read, I found them quite interesting.