Review: Completely Yours by Erin Nicholas

Completely Yours by Erin Nicholas
Series: Opposites Attract (# 1)
Release Date: December 20, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Pages: 283
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



Kiera Connelly leads a quiet life, and that’s just how she likes it. She’s built a name as a graphic designer and meets up with her friends online, all from the comfort of her living room couch. But when a rare outing turns disastrous, Kiera finds herself up close and way too personal with an unbelievably hot real-life hero.

Zach Ashley doesn’t see himself as a hero. He’s just a regular guy who gets to help people every day as an EMT. But when he’s called to a scene and has to treat his most gorgeous patient ever, he finds himself mixing work with pleasure. He never hesitates to put his life on the line…but will he ever risk his heart?


Review:  Completely Yours by Erin Nicholas is a contemporary romance that melted my heart. Take a strong female who is geeky and a hot sexy real life hero…and the pages burn with desire. The heat that simmers from these two characters made me want to know more about them. Their meeting was unplanned yet the instant chemistry was felt on both sides. Zach Ashely is an EMT. Thinks of himself as an ordinary guy. Kiera Connelly a graphic designer packs an interesting personality and a radiance most females wished they had. She instantly likes Zach more than she should. The same could be said for Zaxh liking her when he needs to focus on his job. Yet fate intervweaves bringing them together.

Completely Yours has it all. Heat, desire, and intrigue. Complicated, complex, and romantic. I was pulled in by both the front cover design and by the synopsis. Erin Nicholas has captured me attention from the beginning to end. Her writing style is flawless. Easy to read. Her characters are believable and the scenes only propelled me further into their story. The plot was fast-paced and developed. For those who love a good romance with realistic setting and characters…then, this is definitely a must read. The romance novel is similar to my other favorite writers like Susan Mallory, Colleen Hover, and Brenda Novak. I was hooked and thrilled after reading this particular book. I will be looking forward to reading more by Erin Nicholas in the future!