Try It Tuesday: Flexible Plastic Cutting Board-Set of 5 Cutting Mats

RTBProductWELLAND Flexible Plastic Cutting Board-Set of 5 Cutting Mats Bonus Microwave Lid Cover
Manufacturer: Welland
Size / Weight: 15 x 11 x 1 inches / 14.4 oz.
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • SET of 5 PLASTIC CUTTING BOARD-Great size makes them very easy to manoeuvre and store. Measurement:15″ x 11″. Each board can be used on both sides, making this set an INCREDIBLE VALUE
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN-Curls easily for transferring food to bowls or pans
  • COLOR CODED WITH ICONS-To prevent cross contamination. Color-Coded for use with different types of food; orange, blue, yellow, green and red
  • Easy Clean & Storage-Scratch resistant durable surface. With the hole on the board, they can be easy to store. Dishwasher safe for super easy cleaning! No warping or bending
  • FREE GIFT-7″ & 9″ Microwave Cover/Splatter Screen/Splatter Guard/Microwave Lid. BPA FREE, FDA Approved Material, Dishwasher Safe, Eco Friendly, Recyclable


Review:  For a couple years now I’ve been trying to find the right cutting board.  I’ve tried bamboo, and I never feel I can get them clean.  I’ve tried the thicker plastic ones, but I find them bulky for storage and never seem to have decent grip on the counter.  So I figured I’d try the thinner flexible cutting board.

In the end, I really liked the flexible cutting boards.  The set came with multiple colors and are intended to be used for different types of food to avoid cross contamination.  You get separate board for fish, chicken, vegetables and so on.  The flexibility also allows you to bend them to easy pick them up and transfer the chopped food to bowls or cooking vessels.

Plastic makes them easy to clean, and to be confident that they are clean.  The thinness of the boards makes for easier storage.  They even have a hole on one end so that they can hang (even though I haven’t tried that one).

I suppose the only downside is that in the couple months I’ve had the boards, they have begun to bend a little.  A couple of the board also are showing some grooves from chopping.  And last, the description of the board said that there was supposed to be an free gift of a microwave cover included.  I didn’t get one… but seeing as it was “extra” and I don’t know how much I’d have actually used it, I didn’t mind too much.

All in all, I do like these boards.  They are especially handy for my small apartment kitchen with limited counter space and storage.