Try It Tuesday: Etronic Battery Powered Flameless LED Tea Light Candles


Battery Powered Flameless LED Tea Light Candles
Manufacturer: Etronic
Weight / Size: 12 ounces / 9.7 x 1.7 x 6.4 inches (shipping weight/size)
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Premium quality upgraded batteries, each candle lasts 100+ hours
  • Standard size fits into any votive or tea light holder
  • On/off switch for easy and convenient operation
  • Energy-saving, smoke-free, flameless realistic LED lights, zero carbon emission


Review: I’ve always loved candles but since I moved to what turned out to be a drafty apartment, I worry about the flames either going out or catching on something. While these aren’t quite the same as a live flame, I don’t have those concerns and can enjoy them a bit more.

I do miss the flicker of the live candle flame but at the same time, I’m much more at ease with the LED candles. I’m not worried that the shelf above is going to catch (even if it is a foot higher) and I don’t have to relight the candles because a breeze has blown them out.

I’ve also found myself doing fun decorating things with them. I’ve put them in cut-out paper bags (yay for re-use!), spread them out, lined them up along my knick-knack shelf, and created a runway up my stairs for company. The only thing you can’t do is float them in water (unless you have something to float them in).

I chose the right time of year to try these. I had them lined up when I watched scary movies leading up to Halloween and they gave a perfectly eerie glow from behind my television. They’d also be great for inside the Jack O’Lantern, although I think I’d miss that burnt pumpkin smell. I can already envision my Christmas decorating without having to worry about the garlands and tinsel catching fire.