Review: Titus Returns by Amy Lillard

Titus Returns by Amy Lillard
Series:  Wells Landing (# 5)
Release Date:  December 27, 2016
Publisher: Zebra Books
Pages: 352
Source: book provided by author  for review



In Wells Landing, Oklahoma’s warm and welcoming Amish community, there’s always hope for a new beginning—and a second chance…

Five tumultuous years have changed Titus Lambert in every way. Back then, Titus was preparing to marry his longtime sweetheart, Mandy Yoder. Then came the unthinkable—a tragic car wreck that left Titus serving time for vehicular manslaughter.

Titus isn’t sure he belongs in this peaceful place anymore, but he must make amends. When he goes to visit the Kings, whose son, Alvin, died that terrible night, he’s shocked to see that their farm has fallen into disrepair. Alvin’s sister, Abbie, resents Titus’s reappearance, but there’s no denying she needs his help. Honest toil—and their evolving friendship—slowly help his soul to heal. But with his feelings for Mandy still strong, Titus must choose between two very different futures, and find the strength and faith to claim the surprising gift of a fresh start.


Review:   Once again Amy Lillard does not disappoint!  I’ve loved all the books in both her Clover Ridge Series as well as her Wells Landing Series of which Titus Returns is the fifth book.  Next up is Marrying Jonah which is Sarah and Jonah’s story and I for one can’t wait.

The people of  Wells Landing feel like family.  I’ve met them and seen their stories come to life as they mingle with others in the Amish community or outside of it in the Englisch world.  The Bishop is fair but definitely knows what he wants of his church members.  He’s a great resource to those in the community as they come to grips with where life is taking them.

This is Abbie and Titus’ story and it was heartbreaking, heartwarming, comforting and real.  When Titus returns home after being in prison for five years he doesn’t know if he really belongs in Wells Landing anymore.  Abbie, whose twin died in the accident that Titus went to jail for, is not forgiving even if it’s against the beliefs of the Amish.  As they get closer due to Titus’ remorsefulness and help he gives freely on her family’s decrepit farm, she starts to forgive him.  But does she really?  His ex-girlfriend, Mandy, who married another while he was imprisoned now is sniffing around and believes they should be together which also goes against the Amish belief that you marry for life.  Titus is always caught in the middle and reflects on his life, where he’s going and whether to ask for forgiveness and rejoin the Church or leave and start his life elsewhere.

There were many emotions involved as I read.  Laughter, tears, anger, sadness, hurt, fear, love, friendship, forgiveness and letting go.  There were family and friends, the Amish businesses, the farm, the animals, partnerships, services, prayers, accidents, buggies and tractors, food, clothing and get togethers.  Titus’ family tried to be there for him even when he pushed them away over and over again.  Their bond though was strong enough to withstand everything he dished out even when he didn’t want it to be or did he?  Watching Abbie and Titus take two steps forward and one back was disheartening especially since they formed a special bond when working together on the farm. There was wonderful closure and loose ends mainly tied up.  There was a happily ever after in the offing and things seem to be right in Titus and Abbie’s world.  I closed the book with tears in my eyes  looking forward to reuniting once again with the neighbors in Wells Landing.

Favorite Quote:  Titus saw an incredible woman who was doing everything to fight for her family.  A beautiful soul who managed to love throughout tragedy and a hard worker who would stop at practically nothing to find success.  He couldn’t have asked for more than that in a partner.

Business partner.  That was all she should be, his business partner.