Review: Rules for a Rogue by Christy Carlyle

Rules for a Rogue by Christy Carlyle
Series: Romancing the Rules (# 1)
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 368
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Kit Ruthven’s Rules (for Rogues)

#1 Love freely but guard your heart, no matter how tempting the invader.

#2 Embrace temptation, indulge your sensual impulses, and never apologize.

#3 Scorn rules and do as you please. You are a rogue, after all.

Rules never brought anything but misery to Christopher “Kit” Ruthven. After rebelling against his controlling father and leaving the family’s etiquette empire behind, Kit has been breaking every one imaginable for the past four years. He’s enjoyed London’s sensual pleasures, but he’s failed to achieve the success he craves as London’s premier playwright. When his father dies, Kit returns to the countryside and is forced back into the life he never wanted. Worse, he must face Ophelia Marsden, the woman he left behind years before.

After losing her father, Ophelia has learned to rely on herself. To maintain the family home and support her younger sister, she tutors young girls in deportment and decorum. But her pupils would be scandalized if they knew she was also the author of a guidebook encouraging ladies to embrace their independence.

As Kit rediscovers the life, and the woman, he left behind, Ophelia must choose between the practicalities she never truly believed in, or the love she’s never been able to extinguish.


Review:  This book took a bit for me to get into–but once I did–I adored the characters. When we first meet our hero Kit, he’s on stage, joking with his friends, trying to make a living as a playwright and doing quite well at it, but you soon find out that things aren’t always what they seem. Early on the reader is given a glimpse into his psyche that possibly, he isn’t just a low born man trying to climb the theatre world–but titled, and not as much in hiding as he is running away from a past he can’t seem to extinguish from his mind or his heart–especially since he spends his nights wondering if Ophelia will one day be in the audience, waiting for him–and it seems, still loving him.

Ophelia has problems of her own–and not just the fact that Kit left without as much as a proposal, nor did he ever return, write, or do anything–she now has others to support including herself, she teaches women to be independent, to be fierce, to go against societies rules, which ends up comically coming back to bite her since upon Kits return (since his fathers death) she’s forced to use every single thing in her arsenal to rebuff every attempt he has towards her. He thought they could at least be friends, and she wants nothing more than to toss him over a cliff even if her heart does still beat rythmically in his direction.

The banter between both characters was light hearted, funny, and swoon worthy. I loved Kits friend, Grey (I have a serious soft spot for secondary characters, and hope we learn more about him later). I also adored the way that she stuck to her guns, I hate stories where the girl falls all over herself the minute the guy decides to choose her. It’s a story of love, loss, and second chance romance. The characters each come to realizations that they’ve grown and I love that this realization means they end up quite humorously together.

Well written, fast paced, and an easy read, which is a nice change for a historical, a lot of times characters get lost in mundane details and I’m happy to say this was not the case with the book. I can’t wait for the rest in this series, I give it four roses that rule!