Historical Romance Retreat Wrap Up #HRR2016

HRRLogoLast September, I attend the first Historical Romance Retreat.  As registration for 2017 opened today and tickets are selling fast (I got mine reserved!), I thought I’d finally get these pictures posted.

I didn’t take nearly as many photos as a lot of the attendees at the first annual Historical Romance Retreat.  But I do think I got photos of most of the authors, some of the surroundings and all the goodies that I picked up.  Click on any of the photos below to get a larger view.

For more photos, I’d strongly suggest searching Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the tags #hrr2016 and #hrr16.  There are also a lot of pictures on the official HRR website.


Thursday was a day of registration and getting settled into the event.  We checked in and got some awesome gifts and swag.


Each attendee was given a charm bracelet with 40+ charms on it.  Each charm represented one of the official authors.  We were given the quest to figure out which charm belongs to each author and to collect all the author’s signatures.  At the end of the weekend, everyone that filled out their booklet got an entry into a drawing for an awesome prize.


A little later in the evening we had a meet and greet in one of the Historic Davenport’s ballrooms.  All of the authors were officially introduced and then we mingled and started gathering our signatures.  To finish off the first night, HRR took over the historic Bing Crosby Theater for a movie night.  They showed The Law and the Lady, a black and white film from the 50s.  We also were each given a classic Harlequin (mine was from the 70s) and some retro candy.



Friday started nice and early with the first round of author chats.  I sat through about half of a “class” on historical games led by Karen Hawkins and Victoria Alexander.  And following a lunch break, I sat and chatted with Laura Lee Guhrke about publishing trends during the second class of the day.

Our next event was a high tea.  The ballroom was elegantly decorated and many of the attendees started breaking out their gowns.  Each attendee to the tea was given a small gift of a cameo broach.


Friday evening ended with games and drinks.  They opened another ballroom as gaming room.  Each person attending was given coins to use for gambling and they had a variety of games for us to play.  When we won a game, we got raffle tickets for some wonderful gift baskets.  The authors were acting as the dealers and taught us how to play the games.  While I didn’t win, I had tons of fun.

They also had another room opened with several drinks from the time.  As I was driving, I only had a sip of some chocolate, which was too rich for my taste.  But the star was the Absinthe… and since I don’t like licorice, that drink did not pass my lips.  But those I was sitting with said it was very strong.




Saturday was all about the book signing and ball.  Since I live in Spokane, I enlisted my sister to attend the book signing with me to be my photographer.  I attempted to get photos of all the authors, but a couple slipped through my fingers.

Following the book signing, we were given a couple hours to get ready for the grand ball.  If I thought that folks were dressed up the day before, they pulled out all the stops for the ball.   There was a string quartet providing the music and we even learned a couple of the dances of the time (modified of course).  This is the point where I strong suggest surfing the web for photos since mine didn’t come out all that great.




The Historical Romance Retreat ended Sunday morning.  We had a bunch, said our goodbyes and took lots of final photos with our new friends.  We also got the happy news about 2017 HRR.

And once I got home, I decided to dig through all my goodies and pictures and finish off this memory of a VERY awesome and unique weekend.

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    Thanks for sharing. Brings back wonderful memories. Cannot wait to make more wonderful memories in September.

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