A Special Offer for Authors

Many of our readers are probably acquainted with the e-bookstore All Romance Ebooks.  And you may have heard about their closing and basically how they’re screwing a lot of authors.  If you haven’t, here are a few articles to check out:

Tymber Dalton
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

There are plenty more articles out there and they’re easy enough to find if you want more information.

In the end, many authors are feeling screwed over.  ARe was selling advertising space up until the day they announced the closure (which was mere days before the actual event).  They were selling books (and continued to sell them) with no intention of paying the authors their royalties in full.

We at Romancing the Book are appalled at ARe and their actions and while we’re in no way associated with them, we’d like to offer some services to authors.

  • If you purchased advertising at ARe for 2017 and you can provide proof of payment, RtB would like to provide advertising on OUR site for free.  Go to http://romancing-the-book.com/advertising and fill out our advertising form.  Either upload the receipt of purchase or copy and paste into the “Anything Else” block.  This offer is valid until March 31 (no more than 3 months of free advertising).
  • For all other authors, in the discount box on the advertising form, if you use the code ARe 2016, we’ll give you a 40% discount on your advertising purchase.  This offer is valid until February 28, 2017.
  • And last, we have reopened our review request form.  Fill out the form for each book you’d like for us to review.  We will email you back for a copy of the book if a reviewer is interested in the title.

We’d very much appreciate if our readers will pass this along to authors or anyone that may be interested in these offers.