Review: Reunion on Neverend by John E. Stith

Reunion on Neverend by John E Stith
Re-release Date: October 1, 2016
Publisher: ReAnimus Press
Pages: 330
Source: book provided by the author for review



A man returning for a high school reunion on a distant colony finds an old flame in trouble—trouble that he’s uniquely qualified to deal with.


Review:  I really liked this book, and I feel that this book was the most romantic out of any of the books that I read for this author. As a reminder, these books are not romance, they are sci-fi, and I have really enjoyed reading Mr. Stith’s work.

Lan and Tessa have always had feelings for each other since high school. Lan left the planet to live elsewhere, while Tessa stayed. They both had a lot of growing up to do during the years after high school till the reunion. They both grew as people separately, and they discovered new things about each other when they met up again.

Lan was an easy character to like. He was smart, funny, quick witted, but not a jerk about it. He learned to be unassuming, and the reader will find out why when they read the book. Lan was a very nice character to get to know, a real gentleman.

Tessa was also a character that was easy to like. I liked her because she was tough, and resilient, and didn’t back down from challenges in her life, and faced them bravely. She didn’t go around halfcocked, and do anything silly, she was smart, tried to keep a level head, and wasn’t stubborn enough to not ask for help.

The secondary characters in this book really helped carry the story along. They were smart, funny, and were there to help Lan and Tessa out when they needed it. Those are great friends to have.

I liked the name of the planet the characters were all from, Neverend, it reminded me of Neverland.

Give this book a try; I think you’ll like it. I think reading about second chances for love, needs a chance to be read.