Review: One Bad Day by Edie Hart

One Bad Day by Edie Hart
Series: One Day (# 1)
Release Date: December 6, 2016
Publisher: Tulip Publishing LLC
Pages: 66
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



When Tessa agreed to do a favor for her boss, she never thought she’d end up being a mistaken target for a hired killer or falling for the sexy cop who is determined to keep her safe.


Review: This was such a fun story. I read it in two evenings before bed (less than two hours total) so it’s a great book for an on-the-go type of read. Best of all, the story is almost plausible – not likely, but plausible.

Tessa is filling in as a mascot at a light bulb convention. While wearing a clumsy yet somehow still sexy mascot head, she attracts the attention of Gray. Lucky for her since she is also set up by the woman who should be wearing the costume and is later accosted in the garage. Tessa is somehow strong yet she does break down and I don’t blame her. I think I would too at the end of the day she’s having.

Gray is attending a wedding in the same hotel as the light bulb convention when he sees Tessa working in her light bulb costume. He’s immediately attracted to her sexy legs and when she’s being chased in the garage by a large man, he steps in to save her. I found it a little strange that an off-duty police officer would carry a weapon to a wedding. However, Gray is likeable so I’ll forgive his apparent paranoia, especially since it seems to be justified in this case. What I did like is that, in contrast to most fictional cops, Gray did not fire his weapon at the big scary guy. He pulled Tessa out of the situation and took her home.