Review: Crashing the Net by Cheyenne Meadows

Crashing the Net by Cheyenne Meadows
Release Date: December 27,2016.
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Pages: 305
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Breaking barriers on the ice is just the start for a woman who craves so much more.

Ranger Deacon can’t believe his team’s bad luck. First their season falls into a steep slump, then their number one goalie goes down with a knee injury. Morale is in the pits and the coach springs one outrageous development on them—a woman will be joining the team to finish out the remainder of the games. He’s skeptical until he sees her play and loses a piece of his jaded heart in the process.

Piper Darrow is a hockey prodigy, a goalie at the top of her game in the women’s league. She’s just finished a stellar year when the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself—becoming the first woman to play in the men’s professional league. Plenty of obstacles stand in Piper’s way, including acceptance from the fans, the players and even her own teammates. That, along with some hard hits from opponents, she can handle. It’s the fierce desire she feels for Ranger that throws her for a loop.

Playing a male-dominated sport is difficult enough without the additional challenge of falling for the captain of the team. Piper knows the score, is determined to get the job done, but can’t help but wonder if there’s more to Ranger than excellence on the ice.


Review: I love Piper. She is what I would want my girls to be like. Strong, determined, focused and spunky. She holds herself in a male dominated field. Injecting a feminine touch to the team that wasn’t there before. I really love the feminist slant of the story.

Piper is the new goalie for the Wildcats but she needs to prove herself. Most of the other players on the team don’t quite trust her but Ranger is enchanted by her. He can’t get enough of her. But will he risk his reputation to go out with her?

Ranger feels very protective over Piper even though she doesn’t need it. I really like how alpha he is. Their relationship is rather organic. You may have seen it happening while reading the book but Meadows has a way of making it sweet and endearing.

Ranger and Piper share a love for hockey. It was interesting to see how they found other things they enjoyed besides hockey. The respect they had for each other makes their relationship stronger. Their relationship wasn’t the typical sports relationship since they both are playing for the same team. They had boundaries they needed to sort out and deal with.

The book reminded me a lot of Toni Aleo’s books which I adore. I really hope the author decides to make this book into a series.