Try It Tuesday: The Best Expandable Garden Hose 75ft


The Best Expandable Garden Hose 75ft
Manufacturer: Triver Limited
Weight / Size: 2.69 pounds, 3.62 x 6.06 x 12.99 inches
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • THE STRONGEST EXPANDABLE GARDEN HOSE IN AMAZON TODAY. Probably you will have to change hose again with this SUPERIOR quality expandable garden hose. You will not find this hose anywhere we only sell it at amazon. This product was re-engineered to solve the hundreds of problems of the old expandable hoses available at the market. All issues and defects were considered and came up with a new SUPER HIGH QUALITY product using the best and the highest quality materials.
  • INDUSTRIAL TYPE ENDS. Guaranteed No leaks between the brass connector and the hose. Machine pressed for perfect fitting. Hose will not come off the brass connector.Don’t be fooled by others claiming to have the “best fit” but only using regular connectors.
  • FLEXIBLE WILL NOT KINK OR TWIST TANGLE. This new Super hose will not burst easily. Can withstand very high amount of pressure. This hose has an extra protective plastic coating that will reinforce the inner hose. Don’t waste your hard earned money on products that only claims they are the best expandable hose.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE INNER HOSE WITH RE-ENGINEERED OUTER MESH. This is the hose that we all been waiting for. Enough of those “as seen on TV” promos that only promisses quality. Our technical team went back on the drawing board to solve the issues of those magic hose on the market today.


Review:  While I will be the first to admit that I am not super knowledgeable about garden hoses, I knew that I needed to snag this one to replace the one I had destroyed with the lawn mower.

I’ve always been frustrated by the fact that a typical garden hose is simply impossible to store easily, which is one of the reasons I ended up running over the old one with the lawnmower. The first thing I noticed about the hose produced by Triver Limited is that it fit quite nicely in its package. In fact, this is like no water hose I have ever seen. Not only is this a flexible hose, but it is guaranteed not to twist or kink.

In putting the hose to the test, not only was I able to easily remove it from the bag, but it fit snugly onto the faucet with no leaks. I was able to test it thoroughly with no issues. When it came time to put it away, it was easy to wind it up for compact storage. I’m impressed with the quality of the product and look forward to continued use in the spring.