Try It Tuesday: Homievar Silicone Coaster Set


Silicone Coaster Set
Manufacturer: Homievar
Weight / Size: 5.7 x 5.7 x 2 inches, 12.8 oz. shipping weight
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • MODERN EYE-CATCHING DESIGN! Our coasters are made to look sleek and professional in every environment, protecting your furniture with its amazing design.
  • 3.9 INCH SIZE suits all commercial type of cups and mugs. Being the largest size coaster in the market, you will never have spillage and you can also fit oversized cups/mugs.
  • SILICONE DRINK CUP COASTERS- Safe&Durable Use the Food grade silicone,abrasion resistancelightness and waterproof
  • PREMIUM 10 INDEPENDENT COASTER in the market, dedicate for beer glasses/whisky glasses and bottle/beer glass and bottle/coffee mug/ tea mug/red and white wine glasses and bottle/ tea pot/ cocktail glasses + an extra coasters support, that can be used for ice bucket
  • 100% SATISFICTION GUARANTEE – We offer a return or replacement policy for any reason if you are not satisfied with your purchase


Review: For years I’ve been using cork coasters, or the cardboard bar coasters advertising some brand of beer or another. The problem with these is that they are meant to be used short-term, not all day long at your desk. When you do use them all day, the moisture from the water bottle soaks through to the desk below. For use as coasters, cork and cardboard are not very practical.

Enter the silicone coasters. I am so pleased by the water containment they provide! Not only does the water not seep through them, but there is a ridge around the edge of the coaster to prevent spill-over. And the silicone creates a non-sticky adherent to the table so the coaster doesn’t slide around or stick to the bottom of the bottle.

They’re not overly pleasant to look at – just black circles – but they do an amazing job. There are two designs included in the package – one is a smooth, matte black with the raised edge and a shiny black smooth side on the back. The other has a diamond grid cut into one side and a spider web of sorts on the other. I guess technically there are four designs you could use. My preference is the diamond grid which allows the water to seep into the troughs although all designs look nice.