Try It Tuesday: Cozime Pet Dog Seat Cover Waterproof Hammock


Pet Dog Seat Cover Waterproof Hammock
Manufacturer: Cozime
Weight / Size: 60 x 58 inches, 2.8 lbs. shipping weight
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

1.USAGE: Pet bench seat cover to keep your car tidy while transporting your pets, Protects the back seat from scratches, dirt, spills, scratches, hair & fur, and other messes.

2.HIGH QUALITY: Pet Seat Cover is made with high quality heavy-duty waterproof polyester for durability and comfortability.

3.UNIQUE DESIGN: Dog seat cover is come with seat belt openings with velcro closure and a nonslip rubber backing.

4.SECURITY : Using two headrest loops, two seat anchors, and two elastic straps.

5.SIZE: 54″ x 58″, Fits All Standard Vehicles.


Review: My dog loves to ride in the car but he prefers the front seat. I’m always struggling with him to keep him in the back seat. This car seat cover blocks his way into the front (between the two front seats) so he can’t crawl through any more.

Installing it was a little confusing. There are no instructions but it should be pretty straight-forward. I, however, just wasn’t in the frame of mind when I was installing it and kept getting it wrong. First I started putting it in upside down – the rubber mesh should go against the seat to keep the hammock from sliding around. Then I put it on wrong way around. There are anchors which press down in between the seats which were placed wrong. So I took it off and turned it around and finally got it right.

Getting my dog into the car is a bit harder now as he can’t use the floor as a step. The hammock covers it up so he has to jump straight up onto the back seat. He can’t do this so I have to lift him. A small price to pay for the ease the hammock provides.

Living in a rainy area, muddy paws are a given no matter what we do or when we do it. Now I don’t have to worry about dirty upholstery any more. There are also holes to pull the seat belts through so I’m thinking this would be good for kids in car seats as well. I remember how messy the back of my car got from soggy cereal and spilled fruit drinks. And if I’m going to have a car full of people, I just slip the hammock off and throw it in the trunk.