Try It Tuesday: 2-in-1 Power Bank


iKits 5200mAh 2-in-1 Power Bank/Travel Charger AC Battery Pack W/ Foldable AC Plug and USB Port
Manufacturer: iKits
Weight / Size: 8.3 ounces; 6.6 x 5.2 x 1.4 inches
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • SPECIFICATION: Input: AC100~240V Output: 5V/1A + 2.4A Smart (Intelligent current detection), 5200mAh capacity can charge iPhone up to 1.5 times
  • 2-IN-1 UNIQUE DESIGN: works as power bank to charge your Phone/tablet, dual port for charging. Works as the wall charger for the battery itself and your USB devices, no more extra micro USB cable or wall charger required
  • GUARANTEED SAFETY: ETL certified with overcharge & over-discharge protection. Input overvoltage protection & output overvoltage protection. Output current protection and short circuit protection. 12-month warranty
  • ULTRA CONVENIENT: iKits string bag provided for collecting your chargers and batteries. 2-in 1 design, fulfill charging function in one portable product. No more extra micro USB cable or wall charger needed, lighten your package, lighten your travel package, pack to travel now
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 5200mAh AC Power Bank X1, iKits Collect Bag X1


Review: The 2-in-1 Power Bank came nicely packaged in a small rectangular cardboard box that was sturdy and had information on the box including the manufacturer, model, product number, battery capacity, input and output plus the color of the charger. When I opened it there were two sections. One held the charger with its AC plug folded to nicely fit and the other side held a small stringed pouch to hold the charger if I needed to take it with me.

The charger itself was a little larger than my palm. It had the manufacturer’s name, the capacity and 2 in 1 Design on the charger in grey font. There were 4 lights underneath that lit up blue when it was charging. Three lights were solid and the one on the right flashed off and on until fully charged. There were 2 USB ports for me to charge my iPhone, Nook or Kindle to when it was plugged into the wall outlet. I could also use it to charge them after the charger was charged from being plugged into the wall outlet. There was a light on the side of the charger but it never lit up no matter how long the charger was plugged in or if I used the charger without being plugged in to charge my iPhone, Nook or Kindle. There weren’t any directions so I’m not sure of the purpose of the light on the side nor could I tell how long I’d be able to charge my electronics when away from home without bringing my adapter with me. The one thing from the blurb on Amazon that I didn’t understand was “No more extra micro USB cable or wall charger needed” since I would need my USB cable to plug into the charger. The diagram on Amazon showed an iKits USB cable plugged into the phone and the charger but one was not listed in the contents, did not come in the box and I didn’t see where one could be ordered separately. I’m not sure if the photo is incorrect or if you do need the manufacturer’s USB cable in order to use the charger properly.

I used the charger both ways – to charge two of my electronics directly to the charger while it was plugged into the wall unit. This freed up the second wall outlet to be able to plug something else in. I also took the already charged charger with me to plug in my iPhone when I was going to be gone from home for quite a while but couldn’t tell if it really added battery life to my iPhone when I did so.

The price is $29.99 but it was on sale for $22.99 for Prime members. Either price seems fair for the way the charger works and I would recommend this product to others. It was nice to see there’s a one year warranty for the charger.