Try It Tuesday: 10 Inch Hand Ball Pump, Portable Air Pump


10 Inch Hand Ball Pump, Portable Air Pump
Manufacturer: G.Sports
Size / Weight: 11 x 2 x 2 inches / 1.2 oz.
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • ACCESSORIES: B7 pin needle for kinds of balls, Plastic needle for pumping balloon, swim ring and so on
  • Flexible hose prevents your needle from breaking into the ball when pumping air and lets you shift the ball around and still keep pumping, less changes of the needle breaking
  • MATERIAL: high quality eco-friendly plastic. It could be recyclable
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: with a pump needle storage on the hand shank. You will never worry you will loss your needle
  • EASY TO USE: 1)Screw the flexible hose into the hand pump; 2)Screw the needle to the flexible pose; 3)Pump the handle to put air inside the ball. JUST SO EASY!


Review:  My brother-in-law is a soccer coach and my niece and nephew both play the game.  They have numerous balls around the house and the need for a ball pump.  When the request to review came across my desk, I decided to have my brother-in-law test it for me.

The ball pump is a great size and weight to take along to a ball game or to store around the house.  The pump came with easy to follow directions (even though they weren’t needed).  It also comes with 2 sizes in pins as well as an extendable hose and a larger plastic pin.  This allows multiple items to be inflated.

My brother-in-law reported that the grip was good and allowed for easier pumping.  He was also happy to see the storage built into the handle to hold the pins, which made transport easier and has allowed the pins to not have been lost to this point.

All in all, my family has been happy with the ball pump and have had no problems with it.