Top 5 List: Katy Swann

I’m a married mother of three, born in Copenhagen, Denmark and now living in Kent, UK.  I write BDSM romance and love to show the reader that a D/s relationship can be beautiful, sexy and romantic.

My new book, Behind the Scenes, tells the story of Evie, a ballet dancer, who had to give up dancing because of an injury.  She meets successful rock star, Aaron, but takes an immediate dislike to him because she assumes he’s an arrogant womaniser who could potentially break her heart.  She soon learns that she shouldn’t have been so quick to judge, though, and as she lets her guard down, she starts to fall in love with him.  But, behind the scenes, problems in Aaron’s band start to interfere with their relationship and Evie begins to question whether she should have stayed away from him after all.

I got the inspiration for the character of Evie through my own love of ballet.  Like Evie, I trained to be a ballet dancer when I was a child, but had to stop due to an Achilles tendon injury, so I have a lot of empathy for her.  

The top five things I like about getting older

I turned fifty a year and a half ago.  When I was thirty that would have seemed scary.  Fifty?  It just sounded, well… old.  Now that I’m fifty-one I still don’t feel any older than I did twenty, or even thirty, years ago.  In fact, I love being older.  I have more energy now, have a wonderful family and am able to focus on my love of writing.  I’ve put together a Top Five list of the things I like about getting older which I can imagine will ring true with a lot of people my age and older.  

There are downsides, don’t get me wrong.  For example, my eyesight is suddenly getting worse.  I now need reading glasses sometimes, where I had perfect vision before.  And then there’s the creaky joints and aching knees, but enough of that.  My list is positive, so here are the top five things I like about getting older.

  1. Confidence.  I’m far more confident now than I was when I was younger.  I think most people over forty will agree with that.  I tend not to care about what people think of what I wear or if I’m too old to listen to the music I like (I’m a bit of a rock/goth chick).  That’s not to say that I don’t care about the important things like integrity, honesty and self-respect.  I care more about that than ever before, but the superficial things no longer matter and that gives me a kind of freedom that I love.
  2. Learning new things.  I’m far more open to learning new things now.  I have more patience and can see the bigger picture far more easily.  For example, a few years ago the idea of doing something like Tai Chi or Pilates would have been unthinkable.  It was too slow, too boring.  I wanted the excitement and power of dance.  But, I’m now suffering the consequences of enjoying that buzz.  My Achilles still plays up every now and then, I have problems with my knees and I think I might be getting arthritis in my toes due to pointe work.But now I’ve started Tai Chi and Pilates and, I have to admit, I love it.  It is slow and low impact so it doesn’t hurt my poor old joints.  I especially love Tai Chi which is challenging in its own way.  It looks easy but, God it’s hard remembering the moves in a form.  That’s a real challenge and I love that.  I feel wonderful after my class and can sometimes be seen at home practicing when I think nobody is around.
  3. Rediscovering my youth.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m a bit of a rock/goth chick.  I was a goth as a teenager back in the 1980s and have never stopped loving the music or the clothes.  But when our kids were young all my time and energy was taken up with looking after them, naturally.  We have three children, two of them autistic, so they all became my prime focus.  I stopped listening to music for a while, but now I’ve got my passion back.  I get just as excited when one of my favourite bands release a new album these days as I did back then.  We go to concerts again and have even been to Berlin to see my favourite band.  I think we appreciate it more now and we’re certainly not the oldest people in the audience.
  4. ‘Me’ and ‘us’ time as the kids get older.  I love my kids and they will always be our number one priority, but I must admit that our social life took a nosedive when they were little.  I’m sure that that’s the same for every new parent and we were no different.  They’re teenagers now, though, and that has given us a lot more time for other things.  I can focus more on my writing, which I love, and have taken up new interests like my Tai Chi.  Then there’s the advantage that we can nip down to the pub for a few drinks without booking a babysitter.  And, during the school holidays, they don’t need me to organise their social diary, although I’ve now become an unpaid taxi driver instead.
  5. Appreciating the finer things in life.  When I was younger I didn’t really care too much about drinking cheap wine or eating junk food.  A night out was noisy and looking the part was more important than comfort.  Oh my, how that has changed.  It’s comfort over style every time now.  I’d rather go to a nice restaurant and sit down to a delicious meal with good friends than being crammed into a noisy, crowded bar with no-where to sit and an hour’s wait for the toilet.  

    My tastes in food have matured and a glass of excellent wine to wash it down makes it even better.  I truly appreciate good food and wine now, although I must confess that my love of chocolate and sweets is a strong as ever.  Oh well, nobody is perfect.  That’s the other thing I love about getting older.  I now accept that I’ll never be perfect and that’s fine.  The people I care about like me just as I am.  What more could I ask?


About Behind the Scenes

He’s a famous rock star…and an irresistible Dom. She might be his submissive but she’ll be damned if she’s going to let him think he’s better than her.

Evie Lloyd was heartbroken when an injury ended her promising career as a ballet dancer. But now she’s ready to step back out into the world and maybe even explore her needs as a submissive. When her best friend, Christina, invites her to the popular BDSM club Dominion, she accepts in the hope that she might find someone to give her the spanking she’s been craving for so long.

At Dominion Evie gets more than she bargained for when she meets Aaron Holmes, the lead guitarist of Decadence, one of the most successful rock groups in the world. Aaron is everything she wants in a Dom and his firm discipline soon has her quivering on her knees. But she knows that people like him don’t normally mix with nobodies like her so she resolves to enjoy the kink until he tires of her without getting emotionally involved. It seems that Aaron can’t get enough of her, though, and Evie soon finds it harder to resist her growing feelings for him.

The life of a rock star isn’t quite as rosy as Evie had believed. Behind the scenes dark shadows hang over Decadence. Fractions between the band members, obsessive fans and death threats look set to tear the band apart. These problems spill into Evie’s relationship with Aaron until the price of his fame takes its toll. Now it’s up to Aaron to convince Evie that he is just as worthy of her love as she is of his.

Reader Advisory: This book contains graphic scenes electroplay, FF contact, wax play, a scene of MFM, kitten play, scenes of forced orgasm and orgasm denial.


About the Dominion series

Welcome to Morgan Manor, a grand English country house. During the week, it’s an upmarket corporate events center, but at weekends it shuts its doors to the public and becomes Dominion, an exclusive BDSM hotel.

Run by the formidable Marco Alessi, Dominion offers its members discretion, opulence and the best dungeons in the country.

The weekend events are legendary—from the more gentle Vanilla Spice, for those new or returning to BDSM, to the regular club nights, where guests can stay in the grandeur and comfort of a luxury hotel after a couple of seriously hot nights of debauchery and kink.


Behind the Scenes Excerpt

Aaron Holmes smiled at the record company’s press officer and thanked her for her time.

He turned around, but Marco and the girls had already left. Shame. Christina’s friend had intrigued him and he’d been hoping to chat with her a bit more. Her reaction when she’d assumed that he believed she’d lowered her eyes in submission was hilarious. Of course, he hadn’t really thought that, but he did so love teasing pretty submissives, and this one was cute as hell. She didn’t need to know that Marco had already mentioned Christina was bringing her submissive friend to the gig. This was going to be fun.

He rejoined Hunter and Fabiana, who had moved away and were chatting quietly.

Fabiana looked worried and Hunter was trying to comfort her.

“You okay?” Stupid fucking question. Of course she wasn’t okay.

Fabiana nodded and smiled bravely, but she didn’t fool him.

“Listen, mate, I’m sorry about messing everyone around with the venue,” said Hunter, a deep frown etched on his handsome face.

“Hey, nothing’s more important than keeping safe. And, anyway, it suits me,” said Aaron with a grin. He’d been dreading the wrap party until it had been moved to Dominion. A bit of kink would round the evening off very nicely.

Hunter laughed. “Yeah, I bet it does.”

The door to the green room opened and Aaron glanced over in case Marco and the girls had returned. But it was one of the roadies with six giggling girls in tow.

“Oh no,” groaned Aaron. “Here we go again.”

Aaron glared across the room as Jaymz and Jona crudely greeted the girls with leering jibes about their tits and asses.

“I’m sick of those two sleazebags,” said Hunter quietly.

“Yeah, I was hoping they would just take the girls back to their hotel, but they’ve said they’re coming to the party,” growled Aaron. They’d fucking better keep out of my way.

He watched as Jaymz put his arm around one of the girls and groped her breasts. The girl didn’t seem to mind until she looked up and saw Hunter and himself.

She screamed. “Oh my God, there’s Hunter and Aaron Holmes.”

He automatically fixed a well-rehearsed smile onto his face as the girls rushed over, leaving Jaymz and Jona looking like they might like to kill their bandmates. This always happened. Jaymz and Jona would score the girls, but as soon they caught sight of Hunter and Aaron the girls lost interest in the other two. But Hunter was married and Aaron didn’t do groupies. Jaymz and Jona were welcome to them.

Levi, the bassist, looked up and grinned when he saw the girls. He was openly gay and thought it was hilarious how Hunter and Aaron always got stuck with the groupies. He usually disappeared with his boyfriend shortly after a gig finished so didn’t have to fend off the screaming fans.

Aaron smiled his obligatory smile and signed the CD sleeves the girls had brought. Then he signaled to the other end of the room and called, “Hey, Jaymz, come and get your ‘guests’.”

Jaymz looked seriously pissed off as he slithered over and tried to convince the girls to leave Hunter and Aaron alone. Thankfully Bill, their manager, saved the moment by announcing that the tour bus was ready and it was time to leave.

“Do you want to come in the car with us?” asked Hunter. He didn’t like traveling on the bus and insisted on driving himself whenever possible.

“Thanks, mate. That would be good.” At least he wouldn’t have to listen to Jaymz spew his crap to impress the girls on the journey.

As Hunter took Fabiana’s hand and started to leave, Aaron grabbed his sleeve. “Hey, shouldn’t we wait for security?”

“Fuck them,” growled Hunter. “I’m not going to creep around like a mouse because of some fucking nutter.”

Aaron sighed as he followed the couple out. He understood Hunter’s insistence that he wasn’t going to allow one person to violate his freedom, but this was a little more serious than the ardent attentions of an overeager fan. After all, threats to their safety shouldn’t be taken lightly.

They slipped out and made their way to the private underground car park that was usually reserved for the musicians and their crew. As they crossed the large, empty space, their footsteps echoed against the concrete walls and floor. Dark shadows loomed from behind thick pillars and distant sounds from outside gave the place a creepy and isolated feel. For the first time, Aaron became aware of how easy it would be for someone to get to them if they were determined enough.

He shook off his unease. He wouldn’t be surprised if this latest scare would be the final nail in the coffin for the band. He knew Hunter was close to quitting. If that happened he didn’t know what he’d do. They’d have to find a new singer and that would be a nightmare. Finding Hunter after their previous singer had left had been bad enough, and the thought of going through all that again filled him with dread. But Decadence were at the top of their game with number one albums and sell-out tours. Could he walk away from that?

Now wasn’t the time to speculate on the future of the band, though. They had the end of a tour to celebrate. No faceless hotels, screaming fans or sleazy bandmates for the next few weeks. In the meantime, he’d concentrate on writing new songs and try to forget about the dark threats hanging over them. So far Hunter was the only target, although that was bad enough. He liked and respected Hunter, both as a musician and as a friend, and hated to see the stress this was putting him and Fabiana under.

As Hunter drove the car away from London toward Kent, they all seemed to relax. Tonight, he resolved, they would enjoy themselves. Hunter and Fabiana would undoubtedly disappear to their room straight away, and he had a feisty little submissive to find. He hadn’t forgotten about Christina’s cute friend. He hadn’t topped a girl for nearly a month. He could do with the rush of adrenaline that he could only ever get from the surrender of a submissive.

And, tonight, he knew exactly which submissive he wanted over his knee.