Throwback Thursday Review: Date With The Devil by Jessica Starre


Date With The Devil by Jessica Starre
Release Date: September 24, 2012
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pages: 324
Source: book provided by the publisher for review




Victoria Everett runs a martial arts school and lives an ordinary life. She doesn’t want to return to the dangers of her past – a past that cost her the ultimate price: her daughter’s life. So when the man she blames for all of her problems saunters back into her life asking for help, she refuses to play.

But her refusal doesn’t stop this rogue FBI agent – who has his own reasons for recruiting her. Entering a world she thought she’d left behind years before, Victoria must confront her past in order to solve a murder, protect her family, and make her peace with the devil.


Review:   “On the last day of April, the devil came for Victoria Everett. He arrived without warning, wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket, his dark hair falling across his face when he looked up at her and flashed that wicked, wicked smile. Victoria dropped the groceries and grabbed for her Beretta but he had his Sig Sauer out and level before she cleared the shoulder rig. Well, the element of surprise. He’d known he was going to be here’.”

With an opener like that, wouldn’t you want to read further? I certainly wanted to. Unfortunately, for me, things did not go as expected. The story failed to produce the desired effect.

I enjoy reading romantic suspense for two reasons
1. The romance factor
2. The unexpected thrill I get from reading about the dangerous situations that the characters find themselves in. I love that nail biting and edge of your seat feeling. It makes me feel if I am in the midst of the action.

In Date With The Devil these factors were lacking. There was no romance whatsoever. There was one scene where the main characters got intimate but frankly, it added nothing to the story. They had a second chance to rekindle what they had lost, instead, they spent almost the entire story mistrusting each other and failing to move past their issues.

There were a few dangerous situations, but they never gave me that thrilling feeling that I would expect from reading these scenes. I figured that this was due to my feeling disconnected from the characters. They were two dimensional. They did things, but I could not relate to them. I never really got to know them. It was evident that the main characters had history but the author failed to build on this. I was hoping that I would have gotten more information about Michael and Victoria.

The manner in which they were portrayed had me wondering if there was a prequel as there were events in their lives that I could not follow. Now, don’t even get me started on the ending. I can’t believe it. It felt like an entire day was wasted.

In spite of this, the story did have at least one redeeming quality. This is in relation to the mystery element. I thought this aspect of the story was well written. It was for this reason I kept reading. I was curious to find out who was behind the murders and robbery and what was the motive. There were many players and it was not easy figuring out was the responsible party.

Would I read more from this author? Sure I would. Although it was not a favorite and not something that would have me shouting from the rooftops I will urge to give it a try.

Remember this review is an expression of my opinion on the book. You may view it differently and it’s on this premise, I make my recommendation.