Review: The Lord’s Persuasion of Lady Lydia by Raven McAllan

The Lord’s Persuasion of Lady Lydia by Raven McAllan
Release Date: October 27, 2016
Publisher: Carina
Pages: 253
Source: Book provided by the author for review



Over the years, Lydia Field has perfected the art of being a wallflower. It’s the only way to avoid the attention of unwanted suitors – and the perils of a convenient, loveless marriage! Instead, she dreams of the day she can leave London’s high society behind her, trading the glamorous balls and afternoon teas for a quiet life in the country.

But in an unguarded moment, she finds herself catching the eye of notorious rake “Handsome Harry,” Lord Birnham. Now that he’s glimpsed the wildness and fire that lurks beneath Lydia’s demure exterior, Lord Birnham will not rest until he has unleashed the full extent of her passion! For if there’s one skill that Lord Birnham is known for, it’s the art of persuasion…


Review:  If there is one thing I like about an author, it is versatility. Raven McAllan blew me away with the skillful way she delivered a Regency romp in The Lord’s Persuasion of Lady Lydia. As someone who has read some of her rather spicy offerings, I found this story to be a fantastic example of how an author can successfully explore other genres.

Lady Lydia gets props for holding her ground by not wanting to simply become a man’s chattel. Instead, her focus is on retiring to the country where she can live a simple life. I loved how the author delivered a strong female lead character. It was interesting to see the façade that Lydia adopts in order to keep potential suitors away.

Lord Birnham, while technically considered a rake, provides an excellent match for Lady Lydia. As the storyline progresses, their verbal sparring adds a refreshing touch to liven up this delightful Regency tale. The heat level meshes well into the storyline, although it’s definitely not of the same intensity that I had associated with the author in her non-historical books.

A strong undercurrent of drama and intrigue surrounds the couple as they deal with the Lord Birnham’s heir who is causing all sorts of trouble. With the ton breathing down their necks, Lady Lydia and Lord Birnham wrestle with the idea of a potential happily ever after.

Not only did I enjoy the main characters and their interactions, but the secondary characters also added a memorable layer of depth to the story. From the Pickle brothers to Jem, I was thrilled with the development of these characters and how they enhanced my reading experience.