Review: Sins of Yesterday by Rosalie Stanton

Sins of Yesterday by Rosalie Stanton
Series: Sinners and Saints Book (# 4)
Release Date: June 23, 2015
Publisher: Totally Bound
Pages: 319
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



With the world literally on the brink of annihilation, Invidia, the Sin of Envy, is tasked with finding the renegade Guardian responsible for opening one of the Seven Seals. The good news? Each of the Seven Seals needs to open to trigger Armageddon. The bad news? Two already have, and the mastermind behind the apocalypse remains untold steps ahead.

As a Guardian of the Seals, Roman has never explored the human world. He’s never known the touch of a woman, either, until one seduces him into betraying his duties. Overwhelmed with guilt for succumbing to temptation, Roman sets out to stop the apocalypse, prepared to sacrifice everything for redemption.

He’s not prepared, however, for Invi, who embodies the very definition of forbidden fruit.
When Invi encounters Roman, he’s not what she expects. Aside from being ripped from the pages of her secret fantasies, he’s more victim than villain. And when the other Seals start to open, she has no choice but to team up with the sexy Guardian to find the true culprit. That’s the easy part. The real challenge is keeping her hands to herself.


Review: Okay so this is the fourth in Ms. Stanton’s very sexy and very hot book on the seven deadly sins. I have so gone outside the box and the things from Sunday school no longer exist.

Each time I read one of these stories, and I must say read in order so you don’t get lost within the story, I find that I have found a new author that writes such a wonderfully compelling story that I have to stop and say you know this could actually be the way things happened. Good and evil have really become blurred. And the stories mesh so well together that it is like reading one really long and intense look at the seven deadly sins.

Envy or in this case Invi who just so happens to be a spitfire that is a lot of fun. Invi happens to be a real siren that Roman can’t seem to resist. Roman has been in charge of the seals in Rome and hasn’t had any human contact of any kind, especially someone like Invi. They have a super charged connection. Sparks fly which add to making some really hot sex happen.

I love the strong fun loving characters that Ms. Stanton gives us. I think she has been watching those church goers down the street too much. The dialogue is always fun and very entertaining. Most times the connections between the too main characters are immediate. This works for me because most times we instantly know whether we are attracted to someone or not.

I liked that we got the chance to revisit some of the characters from her previous stories. This makes that more realistic and they seem more like friends…they have become family.

Anyhow …Invi and Roman in between all that they had going on found time to have some really great sex…while working at solving the mystery that Ms. Stanton wove within the pages of this story. When will the next sin come knocking at my door…Please send Luc.