Review: Irresistible Jerk by Mira Stanley

Irresistible Jerk by Mira Stanley
Series: Dirty Minds (# 2)
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Publisher: Dirty Little Secrets Press
Pages: 63
Source: book provided by the author for review



A good girl gives her dirty mind free rein…but nothing comes without a price.

After a brush with violence, preacher’s-daughter Kelly decides life is too short to keep denying her dark desires. It’s time to explore her pent-up sensual side. And she knows just the man to help. Joe is every dirty-talking bad boy she’s ever daydreamed about, and he seems more than willing to make her fantasies reality. But he’s not about to let her use him without getting something in return. Joe drives a hard bargain, and Kelly has to decide how far she’s willing to go to keep him in her bed.


Review: Ms. Stanley gives us another look at Kelly and Joe. I found that out that there are times we need to listen to our inner self and step outside of that box.

Ms. Stanley picks up where she left off in her first book Good Girl left off. So for me and those that wanted more we got it. Needless to say I think every girl has daydreamed about that certain bad boy. Because deep down if we all admit it we are drawn to that bad boy.

Joe and Kelly are still real and far too easy to relate too. Ms. Stanley introduces us to some new characters that are also easy to grasp. This is another fast paced story that leaves you wanting more. I liked how she flipped POV’s from Joe to Kelly. It gave us an insight into what each was thinking making it seem far too realistic.

Once again thinking outside the box isn’t that bad and even though this is a short story it probably isn’t a good idea to read on your lunch break.