Review: Deliverance from Sin by Rosalie Stanton

Deliverance from Sin by Rosalie Stanton
Series: Sinners and Saints Book (# 5)
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Publisher: Totally Bound
Pages: 327
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Demonic trouble always finds Varina, no matter how far she runs. When she learns her late father left her something at their ancestral home, Varina is drawn back to a place she never thought she’d see again.

Ever since the world almost ended, Campbell, Sin of Pride, has been nursing scars both inside and out. Ashamed, he’s determined to keep his head down until he’s back to his old self. Yet when he learns that Legion, the biblically notorious demon, has escaped, Campbell has a choice—capture it, or advertise how low Pride has fallen.

Varina has been chased by too many demons to believe Campbell is a normal man. Yet she sees herself in his haunted eyes, and realizes he’s like her—a demonic-possession survivor. Despite reservations, Varina lets her walls down, and slowly accepts the possibility that she might not have to go through life alone.
Though deception is part of the job, lying to Varina is the hardest thing Campbell has ever done. But as they get closer, and Legion gains strength, the truth is bound to come out. He just doesn’t know what it will cost him.


Review: I have to say for never having read Ms. Stanton before I have become a fan. I have thrown away everything that I was taught in Sunday school and I have converted to the dark side. Actually I have always been a little on the dark side this just reaffirms what I believed. Big J and Luc are such fun names I like to use them and now find myself referring to them as such when in conversations with friends. I get looks but who cares.

Campbell and Varina from the first are attracted to each other and the steamy pages are our first clues. Once again if you haven’t read the others in this series the storyline works best when read together and in order but they can be read separately. Campbell is one of the seven deadly sins, pride. And Ms. Stanton did a great job of making him a man. They tend to have more trouble letting things go and sharing. Varina is a demon hunter chasing after her real life demon Legion who also happens to be Campbell’s mission.

Campbell and Varina’s lives become entwined as they both are after Legion. But, Varina is sidelined as she attends her estranged father’s funeral.  Still these two try not to care for each other but fate has other plans and they soon find they need the strength that is inside of each other in order to survive and they are both survivors.

I enjoy the dialogue between these two as it is on a very real plane. To add to the great dialogue Ms. Stanton brings Campbell’s siblings in to visit and everything is smooth; goes right on without missing a beat and so very realistic. The sex is hot and heavy with the scenes leaving some room for my imagination but not much but it works. The battle that is inside each of them that they struggle with was very real and I found myself wanting to find a counselor to help them out.

I find with each of these stories there is a lot to take in and they tend to make you think or re-think everything that we were ever taught. But, I liked that about these stories. Ms. Stanton has found her niche and I for one am glad. I am still waiting for Luc…could I please be his soulmate?