Try It Tuesday: Hippih Wall Clock


12-inch Silent Plastic Wall Clock
Manufacturer: Hippih
Weight / Size: 12.00” dia x 1.90” deep
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Non-ticking, silent plastic wall clock, Diameter is 12-Inch
  • Elegant Stylish and Simple design Wall Clock
  • Large black numerals against white face make for easy viewing
  • Super-quality Quartz Sweep Movement guarantees accurate time and absolutely silent environment
  • Powered by one AA battery (included). Please use average carbon battery, instead of high duty batteries.


Review: I absolutely love that this clock does not tick! That has been the one drawback of every clock I’ve ever owned. I want a battery operated clock so I don’t have the unsightly electrical cord hanging down the wall but all of the battery operated clocks tick. When I read the blurb that stated “non-ticking”, I thought why not try it?

The clock arrived in a nice sturdy box packed with Styrofoam to keep the clock safe. That box was packed within the typical Amazon shipping box, padded with the air pockets to keep it from jostling around. I pulled the clock out, inserted the included AA battery, and used the gear wheel on the back to set the time. It’s a typical wall clock, there are no special instructions required.

It does come with a nifty little wall hangar so you don’t have to put a big screw into your wall. I used the four tiny nails the hangar comes with but I was thinking I could have used a Command Strip as well.

I’ve had it up for a few weeks now and it’s kept time well – and it’s still hanging on my wall, no failures with the hangar. I can read it from across the room and if I don’t have my glasses on, a squint will still give me the approximate time. I love the little heart on the second hand. And the best thing? NO TICKING!