Review: True Bond by Bella Johnson

True Bond by Bella Johnson
Series: Heart of Hunters (# 0.5)
Release Date: October 3, 2015
Publisher: self published
Pages: 58
Source: book provided by the author for review



James Dray lives a privileged life, being the alpha-blood of his Elite family, nothing touches a Lycan of his caliber. Until he meets Kara Heart, a lower class Demon Hunter who is his True Bond. From the moment they meet, his instinctual need to have Kara has him in a battle between social modesty and desire… but it’s his choices that will determine both their happiness. Bewitching and irresistible, ‘True Bond’ leads a magnetizing love story in a paranormal world.

‘True Bond’ is a Mini Novella featuring the voice of James Dray that follows his actions and decisions leading up the first book in the Heart of Hunters series ‘BELOVED’.


Review: I’ll be honest. I was lost a few times while I read this story. The concepts weren’t fully explained, so things I felt should have had a big impact on the plot were lost on me. We start out the story with the hero James, who’s an elite… still not sure what that means either.

After his parents die in an accident, James is left to live with his wealthy, cold, judgmental and traditional Uncle and Aunt. He yearns to get away from them, so he finds a football camp in America to visit, which is where he meets our leading lady, Kara.

Their connection is instant, and he discovers she’s something like a soulmate to him. The problem is that can be a very dangerous thing. I liked James, okay. Most of what we learn about him is strictly on a surface layer. I craved more. I didn’t bond with him the way I like to when I’m reading.

I didn’t know exactly what being a hunter meant in this universe. So the female lead, Kara wasn’t fully fleshed out for me Did she simply hunt demons? Was she a supernatural being, or just a human with extraordinary abilities? I’m a paranormal buff, so my mind cooked up quite a few theories which were neither confirmed or denied. Her relationship with her mother seemed awkward.

She was often away leaving her to take care of her brother, Josh. There was an attraction between her and James, but it felt like puppy love. They met when they were in their late teens, and even though we have a time jump of a year, I didn’t see the feelings deepen.

In the end, there was a lot of potential here, but it didn’t come together to form something tangible. Concepts like the Elite and the hunters sound interesting, but Ms. Johnson never expanded upon them.