Review: Tickle His Fancy by Samantha A. Cole

Tickle His Fancy by Samantha A. Cole
Series: Trident Security (# 6)
Release Date: August 17, 2016
Publisher: self published
Pages: 280
Source: book provided by the author for review



All around him, Brody ‘Egghead’ Evans’ Trident Security teammates have fallen in love and gotten their happily ever after. Ironically, they had always thought the charismatic Dominant would be the first one to fall—not the last. While helping his boss’s fiancée find a new bakery for their wedding cake, he finds himself drooling—not over the delicious confections, but the sweet baker who’d created them.

The lone survivor, Francine ‘Fancy’ Maguire’s world was destroyed when her husband and unborn baby perished in a horrific car accident. Three years later, she is finally shedding the dark shroud she was existing under and starting to live once more. When a handsome customer takes an interest in her, he sparks something deep within her that she never expected to feel again. But will she dare to give love another try?

With a killer on the loose and an unknown vandal targeting Fancy’s business, Brody finds plenty of reasons to keep her close. Can he break through the steel barrier she has wrapped around her heart? Or will he lose her before he can convince her to take a second chance on love?


Review:  This review is book six in the Trident Series. Each book is its own story, and the author gave background information, which helped if the reader didn’t read the other books in the series. I would still recommend reading the series from start to finish, first of all because they are just that good.  But also, there are a lot of secondary characters that have already had their stories, and keeping everyone straight in my head was a little daunting. That’s not the authors’ fault; I’m just not familiar with the characters.

I also need to mention that this book has BDSM related themes, and if this is something the reader doesn’t feel comfortable with, I wouldn’t recommend this book.

This book reminds me of Maya Banks’ KGI series because she writes about BDSM, and big groups of friends who each finds their mate. This book also reminds me Cristin Harbors’ Titan series. They both write about alpha sexy men, who protect their strong women, and people who need help.  If any readers have read either or both of these authors, then I believe they have a good idea of what the Trident series is going to be like.

Brody is most definitely strong and alpha, no doubt about that. He’s also a male character that I liked. He was funny, smart, sensitive. I liked how the author displayed his dominance. He wasn’t as physically dominant as he was emotionally dominant. Not emotionally abusive, in any way. His dominance was different than most male doms in BDSM romance. I liked it very much.

Fancy has had trauma and loss in her life. She’s had physical as well as emotional trauma that has taken her a while to heal from and move on with her life. She’s a strong capable woman who isn’t afraid to try a relationship again and allow a new phase of her life to begin. She has a vulnerability and fragility that makes her more likable to me because she doesn’t hide that from the reader. It’s out there for everyone to see. I like that she doesn’t go around halfcocked, getting herself into trouble. She listens and doesn’t make more problems than their needs to be.

In Samantha’s biography, it was mentioned that she was a police officer and an EMT at various points in her career. Her vast body of knowledge and expertise was apparent in her work. She gave the reader just enough back information that we can visualize the scene that she was describing, but she didn’t inundate us with too much information that the reader was unable to stay with the plot.

Give this book a look and read it. It’s so good. I’m planning on getting the others in the series. I can’t wait.