Review: The Bull Rider’s Redemption by Heidi Hormel

The Bull Rider’s Redemption by Heidi Hormel
Series: Angel Crossing, Arizona (# 5)
Release Date: October 1, 2016
Publisher: Harlequin Western Romance
Pages: 224
Source: book provided by the author for review



Clover Van Camp meets her match when her plans to turn a struggling Arizona town into a Wild West resort are blocked by the hunky mayor, retired bull rider Danny Leigh. To make things more complicated, this isn’t the first time the two of them have tangled…

Danny knows Clover usually gets her way, but this time he won’t back down. He’s got a few things to answer for and a town to save. Besides, reconnecting with his former fling has benefits, as long as he doesn’t get distracted by their mutual attraction. Will Danny and Clover let their ambition keep their hearts divided?


Review: This is the first book in the Angel Crossing, Arizona series, and it was really good. This is a western romance book, and when I say western, I mean western. There’s lots of y’alls, and mams, and bull riding, and cowboy hats. I just want to let the reader know what this book is just in case this is something that will fit the readers’ tastes.

I was never really into western romance myself. I struggled with the y’alls and the mams, myself, but I think as I’ve gotten older, that twang and word usage, doesn’t bother me like it used to, and, I just really like the western romances that I’ve been reading.

I also like the whole small town feel that this book gives the reader. It gives it a cozy feel that I really like. I didn’t grow up in a small town, but I had neighbors that I knew I could trust, and kept an eye out for us when we were playing, and let us know when we were stepping out of line. It’s a secure feeling knowing that other people are looking out for you, and it brings me comfort to think about this now as an adult.

Romance is wonderful no matter what form the book comes in, I’m willing to give it a chance and read something outside my comfort zone.  This is a Harlequin romance, so its light on the sex scenes, but the story is high quality, and the writing is phenomenal.

Clover and Danny have a strong mutual attraction toward each other that neither one can deny. I found myself liking both of them because they both have a strong sense of “doing the right thing”, they both have ambitious goals that they want to attain, and they both are just good people. They both were young and idealistic and were both foolish and dumb in their thinking during their youth.

I also liked that there were numerous secondary characters that helped carry the story along. There weren’t too many that the reader will get confused, but I found that they all supported the story, they helped Clover and Danny come together, and work out their differences, and were just entertaining to read.

Give western romance a try, look this book up, and read it. I think the readers will enjoy it.