Try It Tuesday: CFORWARD Swimming Goggles Clear No Leaking Anti Fog UV Protection for Adult

CFORWARD Swimming Goggles Clear No Leaking Anti Fog UV Protection for Adult
Manufacturer: CFORWARD
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Anti Fog — colorful plating mirror, light transmittance, unobscured, internal anti-fog coating process can be anti-fog,UV protection,underwater visual effects more clearly
  • Leak-proof water — made of soft silicone material, has a good water leak performance, comfortable to wear, do not leave marks, safe and non-toxic
  • For a variety of head type — high elastic adjustable goggles strap, head strap size can be adjusted freely, so that the goggles can adapt to a variety of head shape
  • Replaceable nose bridge — which contains three sizes of nose bridge, according to face to wear, there is always one is right for you
  • Package includes an goggles, three nose bridge, a box can be fitted goggles, very portable


Review:  I picked up these goggles for my 12 year old nephew since he prefers to have goggles when swimming and has been known to go through a couple pairs of the cheap ones each summer.  My nephew did the testing for me.  The swim goggles came in a hard plastic container with a couple different sizes in nose bridges.  The instructions were completely in Chinese, but they were not necessary.

The goggles were easily adjusted by my nephew, who generally has trouble adjusting the straps.  This was a definite perk.  He was able to pick the right nose bridge for the perfect fit and then adjust the strap to so that it was snug.

Then it was time to test it in the water.  My nephews like to rough house in the water and need googles that will stand up to the hard playing.  They threw each other around, splashed like crazy, jumped in the pool, raced and at all times there was perfect vision with the goggles.  At no time did the goggles fog up.

There were two very minor drawbacks.  First, the description says that the goggles have UV protection.  They may have protection, but they didn’t have that feel of sunglasses that helped shade from the sun.  And then the second was that the suction on the goggles was STRONG.  I mean, you could hear the stick and then that sucking pop sound when you went to take them off.  It meant no water leakage, but it also left red rings around my nephew’s eyes.  He didn’t mind too much, but after a long day in the pool, it did hurt a little.

All in all, my nephew loved the goggles and they’ve lasted through all our testing.  I’d highly recommend these if you don’t mind extra strong suction.