Try It Tuesday: Aliglow Swimming Goggles Mirror Coated Lenses


Aliglow Swimming Goggles Mirror Coated Lenses
Manufacturer:   Aliglow
Size / Weight:  8.5 x 2.6 x 2.5 inches / 4.8 oz.
Source: product provided by manufacturer for review

  • Top Best Selling performance indoor outdoor goggle with Widest Panoramic lens with mirror coating, anti fog treatment and UV protection,great for Adult Men Women Youth Kids Child Boys Girls
  • Inner eye fit for sleek, snug, low profile performance with cushioned silicone seals for maximum comfort
  • Updated styling with ultra low profile design and 25% more peripheral vision
  • Same classic original fit with soft silicone eye seals and ultra mirrored coating to further reduce glare
  • Improved silicone double headstrap with ergonomic adjustable clip for pro-swimming & racing pool

Review:  The goggles came in a plastic container which held the goggles, instructions, and additional nose plug. It was very organized and I had no problems opening it. The goggles themselves were extremely stylish while comfortable. Fixing the goggles to fit my head was simple and easy.

The first thing I noticed when trying them on was the blue tint the goggles had when I had them on, it helped block some sunlight and after getting used to the color I wouldn’t want to take them off. Swimming laps in the pool was no problem for these goggles as they kept the water out and didn’t fog up. However, after a couple weeks of going in the pool with them on once in a while, I would occasionally get foggy in the left lens. This didn’t really bother me to much, rather it was just annoying having one lens fog up. The goggles also didn’t respond well to crazy or wild movement in the pool. When wrestling with my brother I would sometimes get water inside the goggles without my goggles leaving my head.

Overall  I give these goggles 5 stars. They were very satisfying and all the little problems I had I felt like were minor and were probably relating to improper use of the goggles. I feel like anyone and everyone should try them since they could most likely fit all head sizes and look super cool.