Review: To Tame A Scoundrel’s Heart by Collette Cameron

To Tame A Scoundrel’s Heart by Collette Cameron
Series: A Waltz with A Rogue (# 4)
Release Date: May 30, 2016
Publisher: self published
Pages: 123
Source: book provided by the author for review



Katrina Needham had her whole life planned: Marry her beloved Major Richard Domont and live happily-ever-after … until he’s seen with another woman. Distraught, and needing a distraction, she agrees to assist the rugged, and dangerously handsome privateer, The Saint of the Sea, find a wife.

Dominic St. Monté loves everything about his life as a sea captain, but when he unexpectedly inherits a dukedom and the care of his young sisters, he reluctantly decides he must marry. Afterward, he can return to the sea-faring life he craves, leaving his duchess to oversee his dukedom.

Nic, now The Duke of Pendergast, enlists a family friend’s help in finding an acceptable bride and soon realizes Katrina possesses every characteristic he seeks in a duchess. However, he cannot ask for her hand. Not only is she promised to another, a man still determined to make her his, she has absolutely no interest in becoming a privateer’s wife.

Can Nic and Katrina relinquish their carefully planned futures and trust love to guide them?


Review:  I’m a HUGE fan of matchmaking romances so its no shock that I devoured this story as fast as I possibly could.

Nic is basically like a regency pirate at least that’s how I picture him. He’s everything that he’s NOT supposed to be during that time period. Crass, scarred, bulky, tanned, and oh so delicious.  His scenes with Kat leap off the pages and I love how he immediately takes a liking to her and it doesn’t take months for him to go HEY that one’s kinda pretty and nice and all of the things I need in a Duchess.

Kat speaks her mind and I love that she isn’t one of those regency heroines who is always thinking about what others will say, she genuinely cares for Nic and is willing to sacrifice her own happiness in order for him to be successful.

It’s a novella but it truly reads like a full fledged book, the author packed in a ton of details that make this a delicously satisfying read. Normally I back away from novellas but this was exactly what I needed. It was romantic, sensual, and it stayed true to the time period which is also a pet peeve of mine.

I give this five roses that rule and will be checking out this authors other works!


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