Review: Love’s New Beginning by Dorothy Wiley

Love’s New Beginning by Dorothy Wiley
Series:  Wilderness Hearts Romance (# 1)
Release Date:  September 2016
Publisher: self published
Pages: 356
Source: book provided by author for review



Loss took everything, love gave him even more.

It’s 1800 Philadelphia, and the city cowers before a mysterious killer—Yellow Fever. Daniel Armitage and his family are respected members of Philadelphia society. But their status cannot save Daniel’s loved ones. His entire family succumbs to the horrifying disease. His mother’s startling deathbed confession, shakes Daniel to his soul. Another man is really his father. His search for his real father takes him to Kentucky—the edge of the frontier. Seeking a father with a different last name, he is now considered an illegitimate bastard and is scorned by everyone, even himself. Except for the people who matter the most—his true father Daniel “Bear” MacKay and Ann Byrd. Captivated by her beauty and fierce independence, Daniel seeks to court Ann but her father won’t allow her near a man born out of wedlock. The humiliation of illegitimacy subjects Daniel to social and legal discrimination. And ruthless, back-stabbing Charles Snyder is obsessed with having Ann for himself. Snyder terrorizes Daniel’s new family and the entire town. Bear’s act of unequivocal love grants Daniel a chance for happiness. But only Ann’s courage can save it.


Review:  Love’s New Beginning by Dorothy Wiley is the first book in her new Wilderness Hearts Romance series and it did not disappoint.  It’s as well written and captivating as her American Wilderness Series Romances, which consists of six books. Love’s New Beginning continues the story of the Wyllies, Bear and the many characters we’ve met before along with the new characters we meet whom only add another level to the story.along with the settling of the West and the frontier in Kentucky all taking place in the early 1800’s.

This is Daniel and Ann’s story and what a story it is.  There are so many twists and turns which all starts with the prologue that sets the stage of what’s to come.  Daniel is Bear’s son that he never knew he had.  Daniel is in his twenties and was brought up by his mom and stepfather in Philadelphia who have died from yellow fever along with his younger brother.  It wasn’t until his mother was on her deathbed that she told Daniel who he really was and that his dad as he knew him was his stepfather.  She gave him a few clues of his biological dad’s life, how they met, why they weren’t together and where he could start looking for him but there wasn’t much to go on especially since it had happened over twenty years ago.  The clues did help but only because of Daniel’s perseverance and Bear is glad he did!  As Daniel learns more about his new family will he be able to shed the genteel life he led in Philadelphia for the unknown and sometimes harshness of the frontier?

There are so many layers not only to the characters but also to the storylines.  The past was interwoven with the present and no detail was too small.  All the information we were given had a bearing on the story and sometimes more than one.  Daniel had to deal with adversity in his new life especially when it came to his interest in Ann since an unsavory character whose dad owned the only bank in town felt he had declared his interest first and that he would be marrying her.  Charles was as unscrupulous as they come but there was never enough evidence of his taunts and acts to punish him the way he deserved to be.  Who will win out in the end?

My emotions were engaged throughout not only as Daniel meets the relatives he didn’t know he had but also as they each embrace him as part of their family and he learns to do the same.  Watching his turmoil and his sometimes hesitancy was heartbreaking but each time he became more entrenched with his dad, stepmom, the Wyllies’s and Ann’s family was heartwarming.  As we learn more about him it was easy to see how his past shaped him into the man we meet.

The importance of family and good friends is an important theme throughout all the author’s books but this one even more so with stepparents, adoptions, memories of loved ones that have been lost and the hardships they still need to endure even with settlements in Kentucky already in place.  The love and friendships shine through and those with an evil bent stand out even more.  There’s an easing to their grief when they all come together to be there for one another.  There is love and romance, along with some happily ever afters.  The epilogue provided nice closure and tied up most of the loose ends but left me wanting more.  I can’t wait to be back in Kentucky and see what the characters will be up against next.  The interesting facts behind this story in the back of the book did provide some history of some of the happenings in the story and gave links to additional information if a reader wants to learn more.

Wiley is one of my favorite authors and I jumped at the chance when she asked if I would read and review the book for her.  All seven of her books have received a five star rating from me.  The setting of the new frontier is not only one of my favorite periods in history but Wiley’s writing has such realism that I am transported to Kentucky and that time period as I read and feel I know the characters well!

Favorite Quote:  He wrapped his arms completely around her.  “I could never let you go.  Our love is written on the pages of my heart in an ink that will never fade.”




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