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The authors and attendees of the Historical Romance Retreat will be descending on Spokane, Washington in the next few days.  Since I’ve lived in Spokane for the last 15 years, I thought it would be nice to give a little tour of downtown Spokane and some things to see and do within walking distance from the hotel where HRR will be held.

This past weekend, my nephews and I wandered around downtown looking for places to feature.   We’ll start at the Davenport Hotel where the conference is being held.   The Davenport is one of the most luxurious hotels in Washington State and originally opened on 1914.  The hotel shut down in 1985 and was nearly demolished before it began restorations in 2002.  Here are a couple photographs we took of the main atrium which includes a seating area, restaurant and coffee bar.





A few blocks away from the Davenport is Auntie’s Bookstore.  Auntie’s is an indie bookstore and the go-to location in Spokane for book signings and author readings.  They’ve teamed up with HRR to help advertise and support the HRR book fair.  As a side note, if you’re staying at the Davenport Grand, Auntie’s is right across the street.

img_0529 img_0530


A few blocks away from Auntie’s or the Davenport is Riverfront Park.  There is a lot to do at Riverfront Park.  At the top of the list is the Chinese Lantern Festival that is running from Sept 16 to Oct 30.  While my nephews and I were visiting the park, we got to see a preview as they were setting up.  The boys are excited to come back and check it out when it’s all finished and lit up.

img_0518 img_0519








While in the park, you need to visit these landmarks.

Giant Red Wagon
Giant Red Wagon
 Garbage eating goat
Garbage eating goat







1909 Looff Carrousel
1909 Looff Carrousel
1902 Clocktower
1902 Clocktower
Bloomsday Runners
Bloomsday Runners








You’ll also want to check out the SkyRide for an awesome view of the Spokane River and Falls.











Right next to Riverfront Park is the River Park Square Mall, Spokane Public Library, Mobius Science Center, and so many more shopping and dining opportunities.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you may want to hop in a cab or catch a ride to Manito Park.  Manito Park has several different parks, a duck pond and a conservatory.  My nephews told me that I had to include this location in our tour of Spokane as it’s only a 10 minute drive away and the flowers are still in bloom as evidenced by the photos we took last weekend:

img_0538 img_0542 img_0544 img_0545 img_0547 img_0548 img_0549

We hope you enjoyed this tour of Spokane and if you’re coming to town for HRR that you’ll get to see the sites in person.   And if you won’t be here, don’t fret.  We’ll be posting a lot of photos from HRR from Sept 22 to 25.


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    What great PR for Spokane and great information for visitors to the conference.
    Great photos too.
    Wish I could be there.

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