Try It Tuesday: YSM Dimmable Light Bulb


YSM Dimmable Light Bulb
Manufacturer: Smarsom
Weight / Size: 5.6oz
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • DC 12V LED light bulb with Standard E27 sockets, Convenient to install and use
  • 16 Color Changing Choices LED bulb with remote infrared controller(Included).Control Multiple bulbs with 1 remote
  • Equipped with flash, strobe, fade, and smooth pulse working mode
  • Multiple flash settings, and Dimmable brightness. Low Heating and low power consumption, Long lifespan to 50,000 hours
  • Smarsom is a registered brand. We will do everything to make you regret if you sell our products illegally.


Review: When the bulb arrived in a beat up box with the side crushed in, I was nervous. Upon opening the shipping box, the interior box was also damaged. However, upon inspection of the light bulb it was still in one piece and in working order. The packaging included the light bulb, remote and battery for the remote.

The base fits into any standard light socket. To change the color simply click one of the colored buttons. There are nine different colors to choose from. All variations of blue, red and green. The colors are drastically different but they change enough for you to be able to tell. The advertising for this light bulb was talking about it being dimmable. When I think about dimmable I think of a bulb that goes from lite to bright gradually. This bulb just has a button with two settings low and high. The remote is a line of sight remote. Unless it is pointed directly at the bulb then it won’t turn the light off.

All and all the bulb works but I do fell as if it doesn’t live up to the advertising. The colors change isn’t that great and the dimmable feature isn’t a true dimmable bulb.