Try It Tuesday: Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset


Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Manufacturer: Jullmay
Weight / Size: 1.6oz
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Blurb : SOUND EFFECT & VOICE: Stereo musical and high definition sound quality via digital signal processing; Voice prompts the working status and low battery alert, as well as voice commands with built in microphone.
  • CONNECTION & POWER: Wireless headset one or single ear, smoothly pairing to most mobile smartphones of iOS and Android, including Bluetooth and NFC connection, as well as to pair to 2 devices simultaneously; 8 Hours talking time, 220 hours long standby time
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Wireless headset one or single ear, enjoy your hands free, small, discreet light weight design together with medical grade silicone ear tips for a comfortable fit
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: Over charge automatically protected; CE, RoHS certified; 1 year warranty
  • What’s in the Box: 1 Headset, 1 user manual, 1 sub-earbud, 2 ear hooks, 1 spare ear sleeve, 1 qualified certificate, 1 USB cable. Click “Add to Cart” above with discount promotion today 🙂


Review: The packaging for this earpiece was just a simple box slightly bigger than the actual packaging of the device. The exterior package was intact without any damage. Upon opening it I found the earpiece with a charging cable, and two over the ear attachments to make sure you get the right fit. I found the fit of the earpiece to be very comfortable. On this particular earpiece there is a microphone that comes out to be closer to the mouth in order to pick up the voice easier. I did find that the extended microphone would rub on my cheek and annoy me while talking on the phone. The mouth piece is also a little jagged so while on my cheek it would scratch.

When testing out the voice quality I found that the person I was speaking to could hear me just fine but I was having a hard time hearing the people trying to talk to me. The quality was garbled, and it would cut in and out throughout traveling. I also found that I couldn’t raise the volume to be able to try and hear the caller better.

A very lightweight device but the sound quality of the earpiece is just not good in trying to carry on conversations for any lengthy period of time. The idea is good for this device however they need to develop the sound quality to make it easier for the user to understand callers.