Try It Tuesday: Wand Massager


image2Powerfly 836 Plastic Wand Massager Rechargeable Sex Toys
Manufacturer: Powerfly
Size/ Weight: 9.9 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches ; 10.4 ounces
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

The Powerfly 836 Clitoral Vibrator is a rechargeable vibrator that has 10 different intensity settings, giving you plenty of options to find a pleasure level that’s right for you. With a 360 degree bending massage head made of silica gel, it is soft to the touch and has precise stimulation for intense, sensual feelings. It’s unique slapping mode can be combined with vibration mode. Made out of silicone and ABS Plastic and has an ergonomic design that allows for a grip that won’t tire your hand and makes it easy to use, whether it be by yourself or couples play. The 836 also has a new ultra-silent feature giving you absolute discretion and privacy if wanted.


image1Review:  As a consumer who carefully reads product packaging materials, I almost dumped the Powerfly 836 Plastic Wand Massager in the trash because of the way the instructions were written. It was evident that the manufacturer did not have a native English speaker create the written documentation accompanying the product. For example: “Please be sure to use it under the premise of cheerful” and “Don’t directly flushing switch or power button to avoid a short circuit and cannot be used.”

It’s fortunate that I know what this product is used for so I didn’t have to rely on the instructions. I do have to give props to the manufacturer for the cool product packaging. The massager comes in a plain durable white box with a removable cardboard product sleeve. The white box contains additional built-in cushioning.

This particular product is interesting because of the fact that it charges with a USB connection using magnets. It took me a bit to figure that part out, but once I got the magnets placed appropriately, it didn’t take long for the massager to charge.

The product has 10 levels of vibration, which are easily changed simply by pushing the buttons on the handle. I liked this aspect because of the variety in intensity. The design of the massager, which includes a 360 degree bending massage head, made it easy to use. The massager proved to be durable and held the power charge well.

While I was initially a bit uneasy about trying the product, it turned out to be a fantastic experience (once I ignored the written information).