Try it Tuesday: U8 Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headset


U8 Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headset
Manufacturer: StarryBay
Weight / Size: 4oz
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Blurb : 1.COMFORTABLE and SECURE FIT: With Ergonomic design and silicone ear hooks, U8 Bluetooth Headphones are secure behind your ears and rest comfortably in the ear canal. Premium soft smooth silicone gel surface helps sweat proof. It is great for Gym, Running, Jogging, Hiking, Cycling, and impact Sports.
  • 2.SUPERIOR SOUND and AMAZING VOLUME: With Advanced APTX tech, our in-ear design offers incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble, no matter your taste in music. Works great for soundtracks, audio books, relaxing sounds, and even techno music.
  • 3.NOISE REDUCTION: With CVC 6.0 technology, the StarryBay U8 Bluetooth Earbuds reduce background noise, so you can focus on your favorite music, no matter where you are.
  • 4.BLUETOOTH V4.1 and UNIVERSAL CONNECTIVITY: We give you the power of Bluetooth V4.1 technology for seamless syncing to your favorite wireless devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android cell Phones, Windows Phones, and more up to 10 meters 33 feet.
  • 5.HOURS OF LISTENING TIME and VOICE PROMPT: U8 Bluetooth Headset can deliver up to 7 hours of play time on a full charge. Voice prompt allows notification of incoming calls and phone numbers, so never miss a phone call.


Review: A little bit beat up upon arrival to me, but none of the damage to the packaging affected the headphones. The headphones appearance-wise look a lot like another popular brand that is out there on the market today. In this case I am happy to say that I also own a pair of those headphones. It allows me to be able to compare the two in quality of sound and construction.  These headphones come with three different fitting earpieces, along with a small USB charging cable. They hook over the top of the ear almost like a hearing aid. Between the hook that goes over the ear and the inner ear fitting it creates a comfortable fit for the user. I find that the headphones stay on pretty well but I find that the cord that hangs on my neck will often dislodge at least one of the headphones. Also when turning my head if I am wearing a collared shirt the cord will catch and pull it out of my ear.

The sound quality is very good. I do have other headphones that have better noise reduction but I found that these are not that bad. The charging time is a faster than normal charge and the battery life is longer than I expected. I used them for a full 8hr day of constant use.

I was very surprised by the durability of the product and the longevity of the battery. I will keep using these in the future, and would definitely purchased from this manufacturer again.