Try it Tuesday: Nouske iPhone 6/6S Flip Wallet Case


iPhone 6/6S Flip Wallet Case with Kickstand/Credit Card Holder/Shockproof TPU Silicon Bumper
Manufacturer: Nouske
Weight / Size: 2.4oz
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Material, Synthetic Leather with top-grade hand feeling, soft lining looks and feels like velvet, soft and flexible TPU Silicon hybrid carrier but durable.
  • 2.Exquisite Handmade Workmanship, is the only protection case with curved edge design.
  • 3.Flip Book Design, low profile, ultra slim thin and full body coverage 360 wrap protection, exact fit.
  • 4.Hidden Magnetic Closure Function on front and back flaps all, most securely and user friendly.
  • 5.Not only a protective guard for your iPhone, but also a sturdy stand and credit card holder. Compatible for Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S


Review: This is the best cell phone case that I have ever had. I have had three or four different iPhones and I wish I would have had this one for all of them. The iPhone clips right into the built in case and curves right up to the beveled edges. The buttons line up perfectly so they are just as easy to use as if there wasn’t a case. There holes at the bottom of the case are again cut perfectly so it does not affect the use of the speaker, headphone port or the charging port. The inside of the case is lined in a soft felt like material. The cover just like the case folds right over the beveled edges of the back part of the case. Inside the front cover there is also a slot for you to put a credit card into. This is the perfect for me as I usually just put my card in my back pocket and inevitably leave it there. With this case I can fit two cards comfortably. I did add a third card and it stretched out the slot so now I have to keep three cards in the case in order for them to stay in the slot. There is a great magnetic closure that works no matter the amount of cards that you have in the slot. This is great. It makes me feel as if I have an added layer of protection from my cards falling out.

There are six different colors for this case. Black, Blue, Purple, Gold, Navy and Rose Gold. They all have the synthetic leather outside. The only downfall that I have found with this case is that there is wear on the corners. I tend to carry my phone in a pocket and that is why I see the wear on the corners. I have also found that in the areas that I am finding the wear you can peel the synthetic leather right off the case.

There is also a great kickstand on the case that allows you to stand the phone up unassisted so you can watch a video. I have found this useful on more than one occasion.

All and all I couldn’t ask for a better case. The only change that I would like would be to include a screen protector with the case. I just don’t like that when the case closes the cards are directly on the screen of the phone. Other than that I love the case and when the wear has become too much I will definitely get another.