Try It Tuesday: Langkou Automotive Safety Hammer


Automotive Safety Hammer
Manufacturer: Langkou
Weight / Size: 4.96 ounces
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Item: LV835;Material: 45#carbon steel+ABS;Size: 19.2*7.3*3.4 Weight: 145g
  • Buy one for your car or your family members car.
  • Getting out of your vehicle can be a little saving event. The razor sharp recessed cutter cuts through seat belts.
  • Double headed spike for breaking windows of vehicle for emergency exit.
  • Fitted holder included can be mounted in vehicle for quick retrieval, or placed in glovebox.


Review: I honestly don’t know how to review this particular product. I thought I could wait until I need it and see if it works, then write up a review. Or if it doesn’t work, then no review. *ha* But I’ve been wanting one of these window hammers for a while so when it popped up on the list I raised my hand.

Let’s begin with why one of these gadgets is so useful. I live on an island. Surrounded by water. With lots of mountains in between. The roads are sometimes “vintage”, going almost to the edge of the mountain or dropping off right into the ocean with no guard rail to stop you if you miss the brake pedal. I’ve lived in other places with roads like this so it’s nothing new but it can be terrifying when driving in bad weather. (Thank goodness there’s no snow or ice here!) Ending up trapped under water in a car sounds scary. Being strapped into a seat belt that won’t release makes it even scarier. This tool should take care of both situations, allowing one to “easily” escape.

Now for the experiments. I found an empty baby food jar and, using the pointy hammer, tapped gently against the side. I was afraid that since it wasn’t auto safety glass it would just shatter into splinters. Not even a chip. After several tries, a little harder each time, I finally put the jar down inside our trash bin and took a good swing. The jar shattered. I’m thinking in actual use, I’d have to give the window a good, hard whack in order to break it. After an accident, taking a wide, hard swing might not be so easy but I still think the percentages are better having one over not having one.

The other component of the tool is the seat belt cutter. Again, I don’t have anything the strength of seat belt material on hand to try this on but I did have some para-cord. The razor blade on the tool went through with barely a tug. I think it might take a little more than a slight tug on a seat belt but again, I think the odds of survival are better with the tool than without.

I like the tray the hammer comes with and it makes sense to screw this into a floor board somewhere reachable. I would suggest somewhere in the middle so that either driver or passenger can reach it (in case one or the other is unable to). Note that the screws to attach it are not included. I presume this is so you can use whatever type of screw you need for your vehicle.

I’m giving this a four out of five simply due to the fact that I haven’t tried this in an actual crash situation on auto glass and seat belt materials. I do believe it will perform but at this point I can’t honestly say that it does.