Try It Tuesday: Car Trunk Cargo Organizer


Car Trunk Cargo Organizer
Manufacturer: Geartist
Size / Weight: 14.6 x 1.4 x 9.4 inches / 2 lbs
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • This is the best Choice for you if you want to find a good quality and affordable trunk organizer. Made with super strong 600D Oxford polyester with handles for your heavy cargo, Water resistant.
  • Extended Size(approx.): L 22″ x W 15.7″ x H 10.2″ (56cm x 40cm x 26cm)
  • Easy to use. No assembly required. Simply open to use and collapse when it’s no longer needed. Fully collapsible and portable for quick storage
  • STRONG triple layer waterproof 100% nylon/rubber bottom.
  • Also be used as a kids toy organization.


Review:  I love organizational tools.  On any given day, in my car trunk I have a blanket, first aid kit, jumper cables, gloves, an umbrella, ice scraper, and a bunch reusable grocery bags.  They make a mess and have to get pushed around if I want to put anything in my trunk.  So, when the request to review the trunk organizer came to me, I had to give it a try.

The organizer collapses flat, which was great for shipping, but also for storage when it’s not in use.  It has two compartments separated with cloth wall.  It’s possible to collapse one side if you only need the use of one compartment.  It also has mesh pockets on the sides to hold smaller items that you might want easier access to.  And there are handles. Unless you have the organizer filled with heavy items, the handles allow you to pick it to move it.

The whole thing is covered in a nylon cloth.  I found that this helped with the construction, but also made for easier cleaning.  The nylon could withstand spills within the organizer and by running a damp cloth or cleaning wipe over it, it was simple to keep clean.  The nylon walls also allowed for a little flexibility when placing items in the compartments.  For example, the blanket I keep in my trunk (even when folded neatly) is still a little bigger than the compartment.  But the walls had some give to allow the blanket to fit better.

I’ll admit, getting the trunk organizer made me clean out my trunk, which is a totally good thing.  But I also find that since adding the trunk organizer, I don’t keep as much junk in my car.  And what things I do still keep handy, are now in it’s place and not rolling around and I feel like there’s so much more room for other things.  Here are before and after photos (and I admit, the before photo is following some cleaning).

Trunk Before
Trunk After