Try it Tuesday: Bioxo Cowboy Wallet Flip Case


Bioxo Cowboy wallet Flip Case for Apple iPhone 6/6S
Manufacturer:  Bioxo
Weight / Size: 2.88oz / 5.63 inches, 2.95 inches, 0.79 inches
Source:  Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Choose good waterproof denim fabric, breathable environmental protection, Flannelette inside with PC protection shell perfect collocation, classic look
  • Multi-purpose mobile phone case, It has 2 credit cards with 1 cash pocket, makes your lift more beautiful and convenient
  • The unique folding support functions, Let you can watch the video easily at any time, Liberation of your hands
  • Secure closing magnet, automatic adsorption, can be all-round protection of mobile phone, protect your phone from shocking and dropping.raised lip offers better protection to camera lens
  • Use the real machine mould, can be 100% percent fit for your phone.Light and comfortable, seamless joint, skilled craftsmanship and skilled craftsmanship.


Review:  My iPhone Flip Case was received from Amazon in a timely fashion and in great condition.  The store packaging that it comes in was intact and very easy to get into.

This case is a unique one.  It has the wallet features that I like by being able to hold two credit cards and then the ability to slid another card or cash under where the cards are stored.  One of the two card slots also has a window so you could use it for easy access to your ID.

There is a magnetic closure that is built into the cover of the case that helps it to stay closed.  Once I got my cards in I found it took a little bit of time to wear it in so it would close properly but with a little use it is working great.  The case is made from denim fabric exterior which is one of the things I really liked about it.  I am hard on my cases and the last one that I had I wore the leather right off the corners.  I was thinking with a denim exterior it would take more of a beating and I was right.  My phone constantly goes in and out of pockets and the wear is not even showing on this case.

There is a nice felt-like interior, and the part that the phone clips into is a nice soft molded plastic.  The hole that was cut for the camera is perfect and leaves plenty of room for the flash.  The phone itself clips into the case at the four corners, the nice thing about this is the case doesn’t come up and over onto the screen.  It is easy to get in and out and leaves complete access to all the buttons, ports, and speakers.

The only thing that I was a little disappointed in was on the interior of the case where the ID window is the  case is starting to fray by the stitching.  I just cut the strings to make it clean again but they keep coming loose.  Other than that the case is great, and I would definitely recommend it.