Try It Tuesday: 48 Piece Color Pencil Set


48 Piece Color Pencil Set
Manufacturer: Laneco
Size / Weight: 10.7 x 7.3 x 1.2 inches, 1 lb.
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • 48 Unique&Wonderfu colors: 48 Colored Pencils set by vibrant colors provides rich coloring experience. Wide range of colors includes Silver, Golden, Black, White, Charcoal, Yellows, Reds, Greens, Oranges, Purples, Blues, Skin Tones and many others! You’ll be sure to find the color that you’re looking for no matter what type of artwork you have in mind.
  • Extra Pencil Extender Holder Included: When your pencil becomes too short to hold, just insert it into this handy tool and carry on using it, the metal handle is the same diameter and hexagon shape as most pencils, so it has the same feel as a full length pencil.
  • Idea For Any Type Of Use And All Skill Levels: An excellent choice for the classroom, home or professional art studio, perfect choice no matter what your skill level is. These colored pencils are designed for casual art works all the way up to professional art. They’re sure to become one of your drawing tools! Perfect for Coloring, Sketching, Drawing, and Shading.
  • Hard Shell Protective Case:It comes in a beautiful metal tin box and each pencil has its own individual slot keeping the pencils in place when en-route. Deluxe tin case – Well protected pencils from breaking during transportation. Multilayered stackable design holds each unit in place. Convenient for Students and Professional.


20160803_182934_resized Review:  I’ve recently gotten into the whole adult coloring book fad.  It’s a great stress relief.  When I got my first book, I picked up a set of 12 pencils.  I learned very fast that 12 colors is NOT enough with some of those elaborate designs.  So I started shopping around for a set with more colors.  Then I get an email asking for a review.  Perfect timing.

The pencils come in a tin set with two layers of plastic holders that keep the pencils in place.  There was also a small greeting card, a guarantee as well as this odd contraption.  At first I thought it was pencil sharpener.  But I couldn’t figure out how it works.  Then I read the description and realized it was an extender holder for when the pencil gets too short to hold comfortably.  I haven’t used a pencil to that point, but I do like the idea.  I also like the tin, which allows me to store the pencils easily and see all colors.  The only one little complaint is that it doesn’t close easily.  But a little extra nudge and it seals tightly, so it definitely won’t pop open when you don’t want it to.

FB_IMG_1472007170812_resizedSo, on to the testing.  Well, that means coloring since I’m definitely not an artist.  I grabbed my coloring book and searched for a picture that would give me a chance to use all the colors.  Once I picked a design, I started coloring.  The pencils worked very well.  I could color light and dark and the pencils gave me different shades and held up to the different pressures.  I love the variety of the colors and the subtle variations in some of the shades.  There were so many colors, I actually wasn’t sure where to start.  And with the picture I chose, I wanted to use every single color.  In the end, and mostly due to bad planning, I used 46 of the 48 colors.

At the time of this review, the pencil set is on sale for $12.99, which is an awesome deal.  I’d highly recommend picking them up at that price.  The regular price of $50.99 is a little steep at over a dollar a pencil.  I don’t think it’s quite worth that price.  But it’s a great pencil set and I’m glad I took a chance.