Review: The Dispatcher by Kera Faire

The Dispatcher by Kera Faire
Series: Death Isle (# 1)
Release Date: May 24, 2016
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 51
Source: book provided by the author for review



Her life or his?

When Astrid Mickelson found out the man she loved was The Dispatcher—a government operative, who kills for a living without remorse—she left to stop herself from accidentally betraying him. However, Orlando Darke, the only man she’s ever wanted, is impossible to forget, and it seems once more back in her life.

For his part, the Dispatcher had never forgotten the love of his life. When he is sent to bring her in for being a traitor, he does what he does best…dispatching her to safety, to enable him to find the real culprit.

As the threat thickens, so does the sexual tension between them. But can there be a happily ever after in their future?


Review: This is book one in a three book series written by Ms. Faire, and I get to review all three of them.  My review is going to be vague, because I don’t want to give the story away, and ruin the plot for the readers, so I’m going to apologize in advance if my review leaves more questions unanswered, then answered.

This series contains BDSM, so if this is something that is questionable for any readers, I would suggest not reading this book, or any of the others. This series is dark in nature, so it may not be for everyone.  Each book is a short vignette, only about 51 pages long, but boy do they each pack a wallop.

Darke, and Astrid never got over each other when they broke up, and when the opportunity presented itself, they were able to rekindle their romance.  Darke is a no nonsense kind of man. He is very blunt and to the point. He is a” his word is law” type of man.  Astrid is smart, as well as a smartass. She’s funny, and she’s a great operative. The two of them have to figure out what’s going on, who’s behind all the “stuff” that’s going on, and have both of their hearts not be broken when this is all over with.

If darker romance with D/S elements is something the reader enjoys, then I recommend this series. Give it a try.