Review: Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart by Tiffany Truitt

Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart by Tiffany Truitt
Release Date: July 18, 2016
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Pages: 240
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



In the span of seven days, Annabel Lee will lose her heart.

Kennedy Harrison, as reckless with life as Annabel is obsessed with order, never could commit to anything—not to a person, not to a job, not to a path. But he’s got a history with Annabel, and for once Kennedy doesn’t want to run. Determined to spend time with her before she leaves for college, Kennedy dares her to join him on a road trip to a music festival.

And neither of them could ever say no to a dare.

But Annabel’s got a plan. She’ll complete seven dares in seven days—if Kennedy applies for one writing internship per dare. Because Kennedy needs to be pushed just as much as she does.

What follows is a dizzying week of music, shady hotels, comical dares, and a passion neither one knew existed. But when it ends, Annabel and Kennedy will realize the biggest dare of all might just be falling for each other.


Review: Ms. Truitt gave us a heartwarming story of friendship with dares. Annabel and Kennedy were friends then I think Kennedy didn’t know how to deal with the pain of what Annabel had or was going through so he backed away. I found this to be a cute storyline with a fun loving couple that you can’t help but like.

I loved the banter between these two at the beginning. It shows that no matter what you go through in life true friends always have a way of picking up where you left off. I didn’t like how Annabel’s parents seemed so self-absorbed in themselves that they kind of left her to pick up the pieces at home. But none the less it made her a strong person. She seemed a little unrealistic at times but still easy enough to relate to.

I would have enjoyed a little more of grandma in the story. It seems as if we just get to know her and love her and she is taken away. But she did get the last word in so to speak. She was a wise woman and knew just what Annabel needed even when she didn’t know herself. A little nudge in the right direction…

Kennedy was written very realistically because he is just like the majority of guys. A tragedy happens…not knowing how to handle their feelings they find it easier to just run away. He also realized that he would always love Annabel and when given the second chance because of grandma’s gentle nudge he used old childish games to win her/Annabel back.  I found his childish games endearing and for this story it worked.  Annabel wanted more for Kennedy and Vice versa. The dares just made it a little more interesting. It also added to the element of fun within their relationship.

The music festival was an added bonus to the storyline but I didn’t quite get it. This is a fun, fast summer read. I think this makes a perfect companion for your favorite choice of beverage and a little me time. I will warn you that it keeps you entertained so you may find that you keep turning the pages till you finish the story.