Entangled Takeover Staff Interview & Contest: Meredith Johnson, Social Media Manager

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Jen: Please help us welcome Meredith Johnson the Social Media Manager at Entangled Publishing. Meredith, will you share a short bio with us?
Meredith:  Other than I love to read?  I’m a Netflix junkie (currently binging Alias and rewatching Roswell while waiting for the new Gilmore Girls…#TeamLogan). I love to read contemporary romantic comedies, YA paranormal and light fantasy, adult thrillers, and on occasion a good tear jerker. I’m a glutton for sobbing, just ask my co-workers. John Green ruined me. My favorite place to read is at the beach and I’ve been known to pass on a great read to unsuspecting sun bathers lol. In a past life I was a banker, but wearing a suit with flip flops never went over too well.

Jen: How long have your worked for Entangled and what are your job responsibilities?
Meredith:  I’ve worked for Entangled for four years. I’m currently running the social media accounts and I make book trailers and author videos. But I’ve also managed the production of our print books, read submissions, been an editorial assistant… You name it, I’ve probably done it.

Jen: How did you get into this job?  What skills do you need?
Meredith:  I started as an intern reading submissions. I got to know an editor really well and moved up to her editorial assistant. I was always up for a new challenge, so any time something was presented to me I grabbed the opportunity. As for skills, obviously as an intern reading submissions, you just need experience reading lol. For social media, first and foremost be active on social media. But it’s not just the interaction, you need to follow trends, handle customer service situations in a very public forum, create a voice for a brand that isn’t your own voice, constantly monitor your product or service on every platform, be adaptable to change as you will continuously alter strategies to meet a constantly changing platform. I’m involved in several communities for social media marketing and continually take classes on not just running social media, but also how to use it as a marketing tool. My background is in marketing and finance, so taking from those experiences I try to find ways to keep our existing audience engaged while also reaching out to new readers.

Jen: What’s the best part of the job?  The hardest?
Meredith:  Hands down the best part of the job is talking about books all day. I love getting to know the authors behind all the books I love, as well as the readers. I share their passion for reading, so interacting with them on a daily basis to talk about the books we love is a dream job. The hardest part is making the book trailers. And I don’t mean from a technical standpoint. Trying to capture the essence of a book is a difficult task. Sharing it with the author and waiting to hear what he or she thinks is torture. I want to bring to life what they’ve created and I want them to love the end product.

Jen: Any suggestions or advice to authors, bloggers or readers?
Meredith:  Just keep reading and sharing your love of books. I told my husband that I was going to make a career out of my reading obsession. I think he’d thought I’d lost my mind. But I did it and I love what I do every day. If you want something bad enough, you go after it.

Jen: What books are you currently promoting or are coming soon?
Meredith:  I get to help promote every release from Entangled. But I recently completed the trailer for Life After Juliet by Shannon Alexander from our teen line. I really loved the book and love how the trailer turned out.


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