Try It Tuesday: Premium Canadian-Grown Fine-Grind Catnip


IMG_3401Premium Canadian-Grown Fine-Grind Catnip
Manufacturer: Pet Magasin
Weight: .3 ounces
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

Naturally grown on Canadian farms, this premium catnip is harvested at the peak of ripeness, then dried and fine-ground to preserve the maximum of its essential oils and fresh, minty fragrance. The fine grind also ensures that there are no sharp twigs that might get caught in your cat’s teeth.

When cats respond to catnip, it’s plain to see that they’re having great fun. Cats typically roll onto their backs, rub their faces in the catnip, purr, meow, sometimes run around, and generally get playful and silly.

A member of the mint family, catnip and its active ingredient nepetalactone is a harmless attractant and mild intoxicant for cats. Its effects are self-limiting, as cats stop responding to the scent after about five to fifteen minutes. Most cats are affected by catnip, but some are not.


Review:  As the owner of multiple cats, I’m always looking for new products that will benefit my feline friends. There is nothing more amusing than putting a pinch or two of catnip on the ground and watching the cats roll around and play. This particular product interested me because I was curious to see if there is a difference between fine ground catnip and what I typically use.

The product arrived in a resealable plastic bag. The amount provided was sufficient, but there were tiny holes in the plastic bag (the staples used in packaging might be the culprit). I found the fragrance to be similar to what I would associate with catnip, but I would imagine the holes impacted the potency. The biggest differences I noted in the product involved the texture (much more fine) and color (more green than normal).

The first round of tests involved my indoor cats who absolutely love catnip. In spite of repeated efforts in multiple locations, they didn’t respond to this product at all. I even went a step further in the testing and created an area on the floor with my regular catnip to see if they were simply tired of catnip. They immediately began rolling around and playing in regular catnip, but still no interest in the Premium Canadian-Grown Fine-Grind Catnip.

When I tested the new product on my outdoor cats, only one seemed remotely interested. My conclusion is that while the product seemed like a good idea, it didn’t work as expected. I would certainly try other products from the company, but this one wasn’t very effective.