Try It Tuesday: Multi Pocket Travel Storage Bag


Multi Pocket Travel Storage Bag
Manufacturer: Navischka
Size: 1 x 12 x 14 inches
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

Light weight and large capacity car back seat organizer, you can store your magazines, CD, Tissue Box etc.

The main compartment is made of special insulation material, which with excellent heat-preservation and high stability performance, prolong temperature up to 2-3 hours

The back of seat organizer with excellent practical and convenient design, exquisite workmanship multi-pocket bag

It is simple, wear-proof and long holding time car seatback storage bag, which easy to fix on the seat back and much easier to maintain in the car

My family and I take long trips several times per year. We are usually traveling for a minimum or 15 hours one-way on each trip. With two children under the age of 10, these trips are challenging without snacks, toys, and drinks. I requested to review the Multi Pocket Travel Storage Bag in hopes it would help keep our snacks and drinks organized.

I really like that the bag is also a cooler. This is very convenient because I hate stopping at gas stations every hour because the kids want a drink. There is plenty of room for at least two large drink containers and two small drink containers. As a family of four, it worked perfectly for us. It kept our drinks nice and cool during the entire trip with the help of a small ice pack. The zipper on the cooler compartment is good quality. There is a thick strap between the zipper track and the silver liner of the cooler that keep the zipper from tearing the liner. The liner itself isn’t the best quality but it is what I expected and does a good job at keeping drinks cool.

There are three mesh pockets on the outside. Two of these pockets are small enough to hold one bottle of water each. The third pocket extends the entire width of the bag. We used this for small snacks like gummies, bags of cookies, hard candies, and my daughter put a few of her toys in there. On the very bottom there is a fold out space for tissues. I put a small pack of baby wipes in there to use after we ate. There is a small, hard plastic lip on the inside of this space so that the wipes or tissues won’t slide out. When folded up, there is a slit in the front to pull a tissue or wipes through so they are easy to grab. The space has Velcro on the bottom so it can attach to the back of the bag. Even with two kids pulling on it, it held pretty well.

Attaching the bag to the back of the seat was extremely easy. Navischka was smart enough to attach a string with a clamp through the very bottom so that the bottom of the bag can be attached to the bottom of the seat. This prevented it from swinging around when we made turns. I’ve actually never seen this on any of the back seat organizers that I have purchased in the past. I really like this feature. The top of the bag attached to the headrest area with a large, hard plastic clip. It is very secure while we are driving.

I really liked the Multi Pocket Travel Storage Bag. My only concern is the quality of the bag. I don’t think the bag will last very long with repeated use. Since the front mesh bags are sewn onto the front of the cooler compartment with one small line of stitches, I foresee the stitching coming undone rather quickly. All in all, this is a great product for the price of $6.99. I plan on purchasing a couple more so that I have one for each child and one for the adults.