Try It Tuesday: Galaxy S6 Portable Battery Case


Galaxy S6 Portable Battery Case
Manufacturer: Alegant
Size: 8.7 inches, 4.3 inches, 0.6 inches
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

Only fit for Samsung Galaxy S6. It has a hidden kickstand.

Plug and Play Double Life: Built original new 4200 mA high-quality polymer batteries, Samsung mobile phones can be doubled battery life, enough power to remove your troubles.

Easy Installation: Easily insert your Galaxy S6 into the mini USB output port. The Samsung S6 extended battery case uses a MicroUSB input port to enable recharging and data transfer. You can conveniently charge and sync both the Galaxy S6 battery case and Samsung Galaxy S6 to your laptop or PC without having to remove the S6 battery case itself.

Fully Protected: The battery case cover 4 corners of phone, so it can protect the edges and screen of phone. The anti-slip surface not only make you hold it better but also reduces the risk of sliding down.

Quality Batteries Intelligent Protection: The built-in smart chip will cut off the output to prevent overcharging and short circuit to protect your phone and the battery case. And you can check the remaining battery level anytime by LEDs.


Review: I was pretty excited about reviewing this product because my husband’s phone dies very quickly. I was disappointed when the Galaxy S6 Portable Battery Case by Alegant fell short of my expectations.

As soon as we received the case we charged it fully and attached it to our phone. It was very easy to put on because the back slides up enough to plug the phone into the case without damaging the charging port of the phone or bending the connector on the case. When we put the case on, the phone was at 30%. The case charged it completely. It also doesn’t take very long to charge the case. The case did add a little extra weight to the phone but I expected this since it does need room to store the battery that recharges the phone. The edges of the case did not press onto the tempered glass screen protector that we have on the phone. I was afraid it would cause the corners to pull up but it doesn’t bother it at all.

The case doesn’t add much protection for the phone. That isn’t the reason I wanted to review this product so that wasn’t a big deal for me. I thought the kickstand was pretty handy and easy to use. However, the next day the kickstand kept opening every time I tried to lay the phone down. It would not stay closed.

I wouldn’t buy the Galaxy S6 Portable Battery Case by Alegant to use on the phone 24/7. It is really nice to have with us when my husband’s phone is dying. Unlike most portable chargers, there are no wires that make using the phone while charging awkward and hard to store. With the case, the phone is still usable and it can fit into the pocket of jeans or a purse without damaging the phone. The only negative thing I found was the kickstand. It is the reason I gave this case a 4-star review. I use my kickstand all the time so this was an important feature for me as a reviewer. On the other hand, my husband doesn’t care at all. He actually removed the kickstand and uses the case without it.