Review: The Playboy’s Proposal by Ashlee Mallory

The Playboy’s Proposal by Ashlee Mallory
Series: The Sorensen Family (# 3)
Release Date: July 25, 2016
Publisher: Entangled
Pages: 250
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Doctor Benny Sorensen has had it up to here with her party-throwing playboy neighbor. She’s declaring war. She doesn’t care how gorgeous or charming he is, he’s going down. That is until he proposes something she’s not sure she can say no to…

Wealthy ad man Henry Ellison lives an uncomplicated life that revolves around work, women, and partying. In that order. Until Benny storms into his life. To placate his attractive but hot-headed neighbor, Henry offers to help her land a date with the man of her dreams. Only as Henry makes her over and coaches her on the fine art of flirting, he realizes that the idea of this woman in any other man’s arms but his own is unacceptable. But Benny’s a forever kind of girl and forever might just be the one commitment he can’t make.


Review:  The Playboy’s Proposal by Ashlee Mallory is out of this world. The proposal is one that readers won’t expect to happen…surprises are many in this exciting read. Talk about unexpected love and one that’s standing there in your life the whole time. The journey in this contemporary romance was remarkable. A hot wealthy guy and a smart loving woman…the plot was well-written. I found myself laughing out loud, crying, and blushing as the story unfolded. Falling in love with the believable characters is not an if…it’s a thing that will happen and cause readers to beg for more. The writing was fresh and one that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Complicated, messy, super gooey…yes. There were enough action and heat to last readers forever.

The Playboy’s Proposal led me to think of something highly naughty and irresistible. The irresistible part I got down right…the proposal was new. A hot sexy yet wealthy neighbor is faced with a lot of charges that amount to tons of money and a possible eviction. There was only one person behind it. His next door neighbor. A sweet hardworking female. One that happens to be a doctor who helped his niece feel better. Now, he has only 5 weeks to help the doctor out with her social life or else he has to pay all the fines and possibly lose his home. Can he make a gorgeous blue eyed woman into a woman men want to salivate over? What started off a proposal to suit both parties soon turns into a heated entanglement of hearts on the line.

Ashlee Mallory knew exactly what she was doing when creating this masterpiece. I couldn’t stop reading the book. Emotionally satisfying in every way possible. Overall, I highly recommend it to all.