Review: The Highland Laird’s Bride by Nicole Locke

The Highland Laird’s Bride by Nicole Locke
Series: Lovers and Legends (# 3)
Release Date: June 1, 2016
Publisher: Harlequin Historical
Pages: 288
Source: book provided by the author for review



Lioslath of Clan Fergusson has defended her clan and her orphaned siblings against countless enemies. So when Laird Colquhoun, the man responsible for the death of her father, arrives at the gates of her crumbling keep, she’ll fight him all the way!

It’s soon clear Bram’s famed tactics of seduction and negotiation won’t work on this guarded, beautiful woman. But when the sparks between them turn to passion, and they’re forced to wed, Bram must do whatever it takes to win over his new bride…


Review:  I love Scottish romance books.  Give me a laird, muscles, a hot accent and I am so there.  This book is the third in the Lovers and Legends series.  The reader does not need to read the other books in order to enjoy or understand this one.

I found myself not liking or connecting with Lioslath.  I thought she was too stubborn, too standoffish, and too full of pride for her own good.  Yet, I understand WHY she felt this way.  She had a lot of awful stuff happen to her as a child and then as an adult.  She’s learned how to get along by herself.  She doesn’t really depend upon on anyone. She has a hard time connecting with people and understanding them, probably because she doesn’t understand herself.  However, despite me not liking her in the beginning, she redeemed herself at the end, and I softened toward her, just a tad.

Bram was an easy character to like.  He knew that life was fleeting.  Sometimes there are hard times, sometimes good times.  A person needs to have the fortitude to get through the rough times, and enjoy the good times.  He knew to cherish and embrace what you have when you have it.

These two characters think that they know a lot about people and the world, and about each other.  They are both so wrong.  Lioslath and Bram have much to discover about themselves as well as each other.  They both have absolute feelings that needs to be challenged by each other, which is what happens, and oh man does the sparks fly.

I loved the development of Lioslath and Bram’s relationship.  It was very slow going due to Lioslath getting in the way of herself, and yet, when she allowed Bram to get to know her, to “SEE” her, it was beautiful.  Emotional, romantic, all of the adjectives that a reader wants to see within a romance novel.

Lioslath’s younger siblings were a hoot and I enjoyed the part they played in getting these two characters together.   Her youngest brother is especially funny, because he’s a five year old, and, well, I think we all know that the most unexpectedly funny things have a tendency of flying out of their mouths.

Give Nicole Locke a try.  Check it out and see if this book might be worth reading.