Review: Sweet as Honey by Jennifer Beckstrand

Sweet as Honey by Jennifer Beckstrand
Series: The Honeybee Sisters (# 1)
Release Date: June 28, 2016
Publisher: Zebra
Pages: 352
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



Though she has blossomed into a beauty, Lily Christner doesn’t really believe it. Deep down, she still feels like a lonely, gawky teenager. Maybe that’s why she’s all but promised herself to Paul Glick, the one boy who never teased her in her awkward girlhood–unlike Dan Kanagy, whose creative name-calling left her in tears many a time. Now he’s back in town after two years away–and being surprisingly sweet, suspiciously attentive–and making Lily unsettlingly yet deliciously nervous. It seems Dan wants Lily’s forgiveness–and her heart. But can he convince her–not to mention her protective schwesters and aendi–that despite the past, her future lies with him?…


Review: Jennifer Beckstrand says of the Amish, “ [I] admire the importance they put on enduring family ties”. This is evident by the story presented in Sweet as Honey, book one of The Honeybee Sisters series.

In Sweet as Honey, Lily Christner lives with her two sisters, Poppy and Rose, and their anything-but-conventional Aunt Bitsy. Lily is dating one man, while other man wants to date her. Her affections, or lack of, toward both men are misguided, thanks to an incident that occurred back n their school years. Lily needs to open her eyes to the truth and decide who is right for her.

I have seen Jennifer Beckstrand listed as an Amish Fiction author for a few years now. Finally, I have read one of her books and was not disappointed! Sweet as Honey was a delightful read. I enjoyed the light and refreshing style of writing. I liked learning about beekeeping, what the “Honeybee Sisters” do for a living. The three sisters and their aunt stole my heart. While I had no doubt who Lily would choose, reading how she got there in this sweet romance was fun.

The Honeybee Sisters series is a trilogy. All three books will “bee” released this year. This is wonderful news for a fan of series like I am; usually the releases don’t happen so closely together. I do have one regret after reading Sweet as Honey – that it is the only book I have read by Jennifer Beckstrand. I also have to add that a book about Aunt B would be a great addition to the series and create a great buzz in the beehive.

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