Review: Stranded with a Scottish Earl by Anna Campbell

Stranded with a Scottish Earl by Anna Campbell
Release Date: June 30, 2016
Publisher: self-published
Pages: 141
Source: book provided by the author for review



Blame it on the rain…

After her engagement to a local landowner ends in scandal and recrimination, Miss Charlotte Warren vows never to marry. Her father might write to say he’s found her the perfect husband – she’s sticking to her spinsterish guns. But when in the middle of a spring flood, her father’s choice turns up on the doorstep under an unconvincing alias, she has no choice but to take him in.

That doesn’t mean she’s going to marry Lord Lyle. No way.

Except he’s very handsome… And he kisses like a dream…

And when a girl finds herself trapped alone in a great big house with a roguish Scottish earl, who knows what will happen? Even to the most resolute and independent lady.

Ewan Macrae, Earl of Lyle, doesn’t believe in love at first sight—until he sees Charlotte Warren’s portrait. One glimpse of the real Charlotte, and he knows this is the lassie he means to carry off to the Highlands as his bride.

But his beloved is no easy conquest. She’s stubborn and headstrong, and dead set against becoming a wife.

Will lashings of Scottish charm, some highly convenient privacy, a scattering of sizzling kisses, and an eventful day battling the elements to save the spring lambs combine to change Miss Warren’s mind about marriage?

They most definitely will, if this proud Scotsman has any say in the matter!


Review: I’m still smiling from reading this story! I loved Charlotte’s fiery spirit and the way she completely kept Ewan at arms length, rather tried too! The Scotsman was equally as stubborn, and in this endearing and entertaining romance, you find yourself cheering for both sides!

Anna Campbell has a way with words–she’s flawless and really does Scottish romance right, while at the same time keeping this genre pure and fun!

When a certain Scottish Lord turns up in the middle of a rainstorm at Charlotte’s home, she takes one look at him and sends him packing—only to have him return when the bridge floods.  Fate keeps them together, giving the perfect opportunity to love to bloom. But Charlotte doesn’t have the slightest interest in love, but Ewan’s persistence, kind nature and passionate and forbidden kisses start to wear down her resistance to the idea.

The scenes between them were heart warming, funny, the pages flew by and I found myself gripping my phone aka kindle and getting angry that it was just a novella not a full fledged novel!

Of course we have a fun twist, Ewan planned for romance and kissing, and seduction.  From the first moment he made the curious journey to meet his older friend’s daughter, the adventure had no end. Once he met the beauty, there was only one possible outcome: Marriage. He was lost to the stubborn lass the moment she slammed the door in his face. Time together simply sealed that opinion.

Now, all he has to do is convince her that marriage to a Scottish Earl isn’t a bad idea.
Simple plan. Convincing her will be anything but.

If you LOVE friends to enemies and stories where that line is very very thin and tempting and delicious, you need to pick up this story! Anna Campbell did a fantastic job weaving a story with life, realistic characters and a steamy romance that seared the pages. It’s definitely a story I’ll be reading again!